The center doors of the Agganis Arena are the designated Accessible Entrance and they will open early (beginning at 8:30 a.m. rather than 9:00 a.m.) to allow accessible guests more time to be seated.

Guests requiring a wheelchair space for their own wheelchair, a borrowed wheelchair, or a borrowed assistive listening device should check-in at the Accessible Needs table in the center of the lobby. If you are borrowing a wheelchair or an assistive listening device you will be asked to leave an ID.

Guests with limited vision, or who would like ASL interpretation do not need to check-in and are invited to sit in the first row of Section 114.

Guests requiring a passenger elevator only do not need to check-in and should proceed to the corridor behind the left staircase upon entering the lobby.

All seating in the Agganis is accessed from the Concourse level, which is two flights of stairs above the lobby.

The Agganis Arena has a number of accessible boxes and suites on the Concourse level where guests requiring wheelchairs will be seated with one companion. If you have your own wheelchair we recommend that you bring it to shorten your wait.

We will also label the top two rows of seats in the arena, near the Concourse level, as priority seating for guests who do not require wheelchairs but prefer fewer stairs (6 steps) down to their seats.

The Agganis will not reserve a wheelchair, a wheelchair space for your own chair, or an assistive listening device in advance. However, you can help us plan for your visit by sharing your anticipated accessibility needs.

Agganis Arena Accessible and Priority Seating

Agganis lobby stairs to concourse

Agganis Lobby Stairs to Concourse

A photo of the accessible seating at Agganis Arena overlooking the ceremony floor

Accessible Seating at Concourse Level

A photo of the staircase leading from the concourse to seats

Stairs from Concourse to Seats

An overhead seat map of the Agganis Arena

Arena Seating Map