Academic advising is essential for students who wish to make the most of their college experience. Academic advisors are an invaluable support to students as they complete their academic programs and transition to their professional careers.

What We Do

Students visit the Academic Advising Center (AAC) to:

  • Define educational goals
  • Discuss long-term curricular planning
  • Track academic progress toward graduation
  • Review the Liberal Arts and major curriculum
  • Understand how AP/IB/transfer credits fit into the Emerson degree
  • Prepare for course selection and registration
  • Receive help adjusting a class schedule during the add/drop period
  • Clarify academic policies and procedures
  • Discuss the process and requirements to change a major or declare a minor
  • Review options when having difficulty with a course
  • Explore participation in Emerson’s Education Abroad and Domestic Programs or non-affiliated study abroad options
  • Seek referrals to other campus resources, such as the Writing and Academic Resource Center, Career Services, Counseling and Psychological Services, etc.

First-Year and Sophomore Students

First-year students (except students in Performing Arts) are assigned to an advisor in the AAC for their first three semesters. Honors students are co-advised by the Honors Program Director and AAC staff.  Students meet with their advisor at least once each semester in group sessions or individual appointments to prepare for course registration. These meetings provide each student with tools and resources that will be useful throughout the academic planning process.

Junior and Senior Students

As students approach the junior year, they transition from their advisor in the AAC and begin to work with a faculty advisor in their academic major. The AAC remains an additional resource for junior and senior students advised by faculty, particularly for procedural questions outside of faculty expertise.

Transfer Students

All transfer students (except students in Performing Arts) are assigned to the AAC’s transfer student advisor, whom they will meet with individually during their first semester. Transfer students transition to a faculty advisor in their academic major during their second semester.

Performing Arts Majors

Performing Arts majors are assigned to a faculty or professional advisor within their major upon arriving at Emerson. The AAC remains an additional resource for Performing Arts majors.