Title Definition and Significance

  • This special title, which can be added to an existing rank, may be conferred only upon individuals who have received external recognition of exceptional distinction.
  • This title signifies achievements that transcend traditional accomplishments in the field and is given to an individual who will enhance the reputation and prestige of the College.
  • This title may be held as long as the full-time faculty member has an appointment at the college.


In the event of a faculty member receiving external recognition of exceptional distinction (e.g., an Academy Award, membership to the Board of a National Academy, a Pulitzer Prize, or a recognition of comparable distinction), a member of the Faculty or Administration may nominate the recipient to hold the honorific title of "Charles Wesley Emerson College Professor." The President, in consultation and in conjunction with Faculty Council, may confer the distinction to a full-time faculty member in recognition of an achievement that transcends traditional accomplishments in the field. The title will be held as long as the faculty member has an appointment at the college.