We're Still Here

We remain available to support all members of the Emerson community.  If you wish to report power-based interpersonal violence, receive information about supportive and protective measures, or explore potential resolution processes, please email titleix [at] emerson.edu to schedule a phone conversation or secure video call.  You may have an advisor or support person of your choosing present or conferenced in.

Access, Equity, & Title IX is dedicated to Emerson College’s commitment to maintaining a safe, inclusive and respectful learning, living and working environment.  Our office provides students, staff and faculty with information, support resources, and options for responding to reports of discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex or gender.

If you wish to submit a report or have questions about prohibited behavior, Title IX or the applicable processes, please call, email or stop by our office.

About Us / Submit a Report

Access, Equity, & Title IX is committed to addressing reports of power-based interpersonal violence, by providing a sensitive, supportive and impactful response.


Access confidential resources on and off-campus, helplines, emergency numbers and more.

Federal and State Law

Federal and state laws also prohibit discrimination, harassment or retaliation in education or employment, and you may be able to file a complaint with administrative agencies.