Adding a statement to your syllabi will let students know that you are there to be a support resource for them, and that you are also a responsible employee who is requred to report discrimination, harassment and sexual violence to the Office of Equal Opportunity.  Below is suggested language to use in your syllabi:  

Recommended Language for Syllabi

If you have been impacted by discrimination, harassment or sexual violence, I am available to support you, and help direct you to available resources on and off campus.  Additionally, the Office of Equal Opportunity (oeo [at] emerson.edutitle="E-mail the Office of Equal Opportunity"; 617-824-8999) is available to meet with you and discuss options to address concerns and to provide you with support resources. Please note that I because I am an Emerson employee, any information shared with me related to discrimination, harassment or sexual violence will also be shared with the Office of Equal Opportunity.  If you would like to speak with someone confidentially, please contact the Healing & Advocacy Collective, the Emerson Wellness Center, or the Center for Spiritual Life.