Adding a simple statement to your syllabi can go a long way in alerting students before they make a disclosure that you are a responsible employee at Emerson and therefore mandated to report Title IX related incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. Below is sample language you may wish to consider.

Recommended Language for Syllabi

I am a responsible employee at Emerson College which means I am not a confidential resource. I will keep your information as private as I can, however, if you disclose information that may violate Emerson’s Power-based Interpersonal Violence Policy I must report it to the Title IX Coordinator. You may also contact the College Title IX Coordinator directly via email at: titleix [at] or by phone at: 617-824-8999. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with someone confidentially, please contact the Healing & Advocacy Collective, Counseling and Psychological Services, or Health and Wellness.