Any request to bill an outside sponsor must be submitted by July 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester. Please remember that the student holds the ultimate responsibility of the financial obligation.

Company Reimbursement

If you participate in a tuition reimbursement plan through your employer, you may defer up to 75 percent of the tuition balance until 30 days after the semester ends. There is no additional fee for this type of payment plan.

When you register, you must submit a signed authorization letter and a copy of your employer's company policy to:

Office of Student Accounts
Emerson College
120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

You must pay 25 percent of your tuition and registration fees. You must also sign an Emerson College Company Reimbursement Promissory Note that outlines the payment schedule for your tuition balance. Please contact your account manager to set up an appointment to sign the form.

Outside Loans & Scholarships

As soon as you are awarded a loan or scholarship, please submit their documentation to us as soon as possible to:

Office of Student Accounts
Emerson College
120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116

We must receive the funds by August 1 for the fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester. Although outside loans and scholarships may be documented in July and early August, Emerson must possess the actual monies for your clearance to attend classes.

If the granting bank or organization cannot process your payment in time, the granting agency must send a confirmation letter, including an approximate disbursement date, to the Financial Aid office by the due date. Since funds will not have been received, you must sign a promissory note with the College.

If you are looking for information on how to apply to alternative loans and scholarships, please visit the Financial Aid website.


The following information is provided to guide students through the process of obtaining paperwork from Emerson College which is required by CENCOEX (formerly CADIVI).

What is CENCOEX?

CENCOEX (Centro National de Comercio Exterior) is the Venezuelan government body which administers currency exchange in Venezuela. Commercial banks and other authorized exchange agents are required to obtain authorization from CENCOEX in order to trade Bolίvares Fuertes (VEF) into U.S. dollars (USD). More information is available (in Spanish) at

Check out this brief YouTube video about CENCOEX (intended for a specific audience outside of Emerson College but still helpful information).

Who utilizes the CENCOEX process?

  • Those who need to exchange VEF for USD in order to travel, study or import products.
  • Those who wish to exchange Venezuelan currency to any other currency.
  • Students and scholars in F and J status.
  • Business people importing goods from Venezuela to the U.S. or other countries which accept the dollar.
  • Venezuelan tourists traveling to the U.S.

What is the CENCOEX Process?

  1. Students must provide multiple documents to CENCOEX in order to benefit from a favorable exchange rate.
  2. If CENCOEX approves request, transfer of funds at the favorable exchange rate is permitted.
  3. If CENCOEX denies request or process is delayed, student is responsible for finding alternative means of payment.

Documents which may be required by CENCOEX

  • Registration with CENCOEX:
  • Letter from Emerson verifying enrollment and explaining costs—this should correspond to Form I-20 (F status) or Form DS-2019 (J status) and dates of sessions (must be notarized then sent to the Capital for an Apostille)
  • Acceptance Letter from Emerson College (for your first semester only) or class schedule
  • Form I-20 (F status) or Form DS-2019 (J status), Form I-94 Arrival/Departure record (front and back), visa, passport identification and expiration page(s), & Venezuelan ID (cedula)
  • 2 applications (Constancia de Registro Consular & Registro de Venezolanos)
  • All of these documents must be sent to the Venezuelan Consulate in D.C. with a prepaid, self-addressed return envelope
  • Once received from D.C. can be sent to Venezuela
  • Proof of previous CENCOEX funds transfer (if you have been approved in the past)

What details are included in an Emerson letter?

All letters issued by the Office of the Registrar and Office of Student Accounts are formatted and consist only of information which is required, as determined by best practices in the field.

All letters will include the following student information: Student name, ID number, level, date of enrollment, anticipated date of graduation, and degree program/major(s). For example:

Student Name: John Doe
Date of Enrollment: September 2013
Student ID: E01234567
Anticipated Date of Graduation: May 2016
Student Level: Undergraduate
Major: Journalism

The Registrar’s Office cannot issue enrollment verification for any semester for which a student is not enrolled.
An Emerson letter will only attest to billed expenses: tuition, health insurance, and room & board, if applicable. Only expenses that appear on your Student Account can be included in the Emerson letter. We cannot include estimated costs and will not provide documents containing information that is less than factual.

Student is responsible for securing Spanish translations of their CENCOEX documents. Translations do NOT need to be translated by a certified professional.

How do I request a letter from Emerson College?

Emerson College CENCOEX Process:

  1. Student submits written request to the Office of Student Accounts (OSA) for CENCOEX letter(s) needed to bills [at] (bills[at]emerson[dot]edu).
    • Email should originate from Emerson email account
    • Email subject line should reference CENCOEX and include student’s full name and ID number. Example: CENCOEX request - Jane Doe E01234567
    • OSA will follow up with student to confirm receipt of request, and, if necessary, for clarification of request
  2. OSA will generate requested CENCOEX letter(s) and email document(s) to student for Spanish translation
    • Student should carefully review English document(s) and inform OSA of any changes needed
      Student should NOT incorporate changes to Spanish translation without first requesting said changes to English document. Doing so will delay the fulfillment process.
  3. Student will return translated document(s) to OSA via email (each translation should be saved as a separate file as provided)
    • By doing this, student attests to the accuracy of the translated document(s)
    • Student is responsible for returning translated document(s) in a timely manner
  4. OSA will print final documents on Emerson College letterhead and arrange to have them notarized (when necessary, we may also provide a school seal)
  5. Once notarized, OSA will inform student of when completed documents will be available for pick up

*Standard processing time is 3–5 business days (longer during peak times)