The Tuition Payment Plan gives you the option to make monthly, no interest payments. A Tuition Payment Plan must be set up prior to the bill due date.

Plan Options

  • Five-month plan for one semester with a $50 enrollment fee (July–November or December–April)
  • Four-month plan for one semester with a $50 enrollment fee (August–November or January–April)

Plan Details

  • Payments are due on the first of each month.
  • No interest on the payment plan.
  • Payments are made directly through the bill & payment site.
  • For more information about the Tuition Payment Plan, please view the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate the amount of my payment plan?

You do not need to calculate the amount of your plan. The plan will be based on your current balance. If you have additional Financial Aid or outside funding expected, your budget can be automatically adjusted once the funds are approved or received.

Can I use the plan for just one semester?

All students enrolled in the fall plan will automatically be enrolled in the spring plan. You will have the option to contact the Office of Student Accounts if you wish to un-enroll in the Spring plan.

Will I be charged interest with this plan?

No. The only costs associated with the use of this plan are the setup fees, which are $50 per semester.

Can I set up an automatic payment?

Yes. You will be able to schedule payments when you set up your plan.

Does the plan have late fees?

Yes. A late fee of $10 will be assessed 15 days after the payment due date. After two missed payments, your payment plan may be terminated.

I previously used a 10-Month payment plan. Why is that no longer an option?

In order to better assist you in planning your payments, the new payment plan is based on your actual charges. If you are enrolled in a fall plan, you will automatically be enrolled in the same plan for the spring semester. You can cancel the plan by contacting the Office of Student Accounts (bills [at] (bills[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8655, option 1).

I want to borrow a loan for part of the balance and pay the rest in monthly installments. Is that possible?

Yes. Any approved loans will be deducted from your payment plan balance.

How and where do I set up my payment plan?

When viewing your current semester bill, you will see the option to enroll in a payment plan.

What are my options for payment plans each semester?

The payment plans come with two options: a 4-month plan or a 5-month plan per semester.

Whom do I contact if I have issues with my payment plan?

Please contact the Office of Student Accounts (bills [at] (bills[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8655, option 1).

Can more than one person set up a payment plan?

We can work with families to set up multiple payment plans for one student. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts at (bills [at] (bills[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8655, option 1).

How do I adjust my monthly payment plan?

Any changes to your account will automatically be incorporated in to your payment plan. If you have problems adjusting your monthly payments on ECommon, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at bills [at] (bills[at]emerson[dot]edu) or 617-824-8655, option 1.

I saw my payment withdrawn from my account. Where can I check that the payment posted?

Your payment will be posted to your student account in real-time, and you can check balances and payments on eCommon.

I missed a payment. Can I catch up with you?

Yes. As long as you do not miss two consecutive payments, your payment plan will not be terminated. You can make a payment online through eCommon at any time.

Can anyone establish a payment plan for a student?

You must be logged in as a student or as an Authorized User to set up the payment plan.

I am an international student without a US bank account. Can I still use the payment plan?

Yes. You can use Flywire to wire the funds each month and they will be posted towards your payment plan balance.

My financial aid is not applied to my account yet. Can I enroll?

Yes. Once your Financial Aid is posted to your account your payment plan will automatically adjust to your current balance.