If you are a remote Staff, you can request an Emerson Staff ID.

  • You must include a photo with your request. This is a separate photo than the one you uploaded to Workday. We cannot issue IDs without photos. Please submit a photo online at our GET website or the GET app for IOS or Android.
  • Once the photo has been approved, please email onecard@emerson.edu to arrange how you want to get your ID
  • You can pick up your fully functional ID at the Emerson College Police Department located at 114 Boylston St. ECPD is open 24/7 and you can pick up your ID at your convenience.
  • You can fill out the form below, and an inactive ID can be mailed to you, please let onecard@emerson.edu know when you receive your ID and when your next time on campus will be and we will activate your ID accordingly.

Fill out your information below: