As a remote student, you may request an Emerson Student ID.

Please consider the following conditions:

  1. Submit a photo online at our GET website or the GET app for IOS or Android.
  2. Once you receive an email confirming your photo has been Approved, proceed to step 3. Do not submit a request form until your photo has been approved through the system.
  3. Submit the completed form and your ID will be printed and mailed via USPS within 2-3 weeks of receiving your completed form.
    • As a remote student, your ID will not grant you access to Emerson’s campus facilities.

    • If you are a Speech@Emerson student, your ID will provide Boston campus access only for the dates and times of Immersion.

    • If you are a Writing for Film & TV student, you will receive an ID during your Boston Residency.

Select the option that applies to you:
Your ID will not have campus access.
If you prefer, you can request an ID that grants you Boston campus access, there is a fee charged per semester (this semester is $126) for access. The fee also includes access to the gym, all the non-dormitory buildings (subject to COVID-19 guidelines) and makes you eligible to apply for professional development grants via the GSA. You must pick up your ID in person, email to schedule an appointment.

Fill out your information below: