Emerson College’s Career Development Center supports the professional development of students and alumni through meaningful service and resources. If you have yet to connect with our office, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offerings, which include:

Platforms for Resources


Students can find valuable information on the Emerson website to help set a foundation to develop their careers.

  • Resume, Cover Letter, Interviewing, Networking Tips
  • Portfolio, Safe Job Search Strategies, Internship Guides
  • Freelance, Reference Lists, Salary Negotiations Resources

Career Center Blog

Find more industry-specific, graduate-level, and art communications-focused career resources in the Career Center Blog. There are resources for campus partners, an online resume review, and various content for students, faculty, and employers.

More Detailed How-To Guides: Coming this academic year, these guides will provide more detailed support for Emerson students based on their unique needs. Examples include AI & the Job Search, How to Attend Conferences, How To Get an Agent, etc.

Industry Guides: Provides up-to-date and relevant industry information to jumpstart students’ search for paid opportunities (part/full-time jobs, projects, gigs, etc.) for faculty and Career Development Center to share with students easily.


Emerson’s online community for students and alumni to network based on industry, interests, majors and programs, location, and more. Students and alumni can message others directly to establish a professional relationship. For networking advice and support, students can make an appointment with the Career Advisor on Handshake. For more information, contact jinny_vandeusen [at] emerson.edu (Jinny Van Deusen).


Emerson College’s official career development platform. Handshake is a resource for discovering jobs and internships from Emerson-affiliated employers. Students and alumni may also schedule appointments here.

  • Book 1:1 Appointments
  • Career Events Around Campus
  • Job and Internship Postings
    • Los Angeles & New York City Hot Lists: Our office runs weekly (Los Angeles) and bi-weekly (NYC) hot lists for two of the most common cities for Emerson alumni. Sign up for LA and NYC Hot Lists.

Work with the Career Development Center

Connect with Emerson’s expanding employer network by offering class time to recruiters or representatives from a specific company. The Career Development Center also provides year-round networking and recruiting events with employers. More information on our Career Center Blog.

Work with the Career Advisors

Faculty interested in bringing career-centric education into the classroom? Here are several examples for in-class, whole program, homework, online, and asynchronous examples. Have your own idea? Great! Let’s work together to make it happen. Linked are guides and resources to jumpstart education. The Career Development Center supports you every step of the way, please reach out for more information.

  • Undergraduate Students - ryan_smith [at] emerson.edu (Ryan Smith)
  • Graduate Students - tamar_gaffincahn [at] emerson.edu (Tamar Gaffin-Cahn)
  • International Students - emi_bague [at] emerson.edu (Emi Bague)
  • Career Access & Equity - drew_genova [at] emerson.edu (Drew Genova)

If you would like a representative from the CDC to present in your class, please submit your request using the Career Presentation Request Form.

In-Class Presentations & Workshops Presentations Examples

In-Class Activities & Workshops Examples

  • Interview practice activities
  • Career case studies
  • Clifton StrengthFinder Activities (for Graduate Students)
  • How To: Negotiate Salary
  • Quiz: Debunking Resume Myths

Class Homework Examples

  • Conduct an informational interview or career conversation
  • Attend an industry-related event outside of Emerson within the month or semester

Whole Program Presentations & Workshops Presentations Examples

  • Intro to CDC
  • Tips for job search strategies specific to your program
  • Debunking resume writing myths
  • How To: Internships
  • Alumni Panel

Workshops & Projects Examples

  • Build professional material (portfolio, LinkedIn, etc.) and get it reviewed by a peer, a professor, and a career advisor (and/or an industry professional)
  • Bring in employers  or alumni for workshops

Undergrad Career Advisor

Work with Ryan Smith, Associate Director, Undergrad Students, in your classroom or recommend students meet with him one-on-one for more personalized support.

  • In-Class Presentations & Workshops
  • 1:1 Student Career Advising

International Student Career Advisor

Refer your international students to Emi Bague, Associate Director, International Student Career Services. Emi’s area of expertise includes international student support in building their professional materials, developing internship and job search strategies, navigating U.S. work authorizations, interview and career event prep, and networking. Emi also collaborates closely with the Office of International Student Affairs and the Alumni Office to offer programming of particular interest to international students and alumni.

Career Access & Equity

Work with Drew Genova, Assistant Director, Career Access & Equity, in your classroom or recommend students to meet with them one-on-one for more personalized support around an individual’s intersecting identities and how to advocate and advance in a company whose values align with their own. Additionally, Drew manages the Career Closet, Emtern, Identity & Career programs, plus Alumni programming.

  • In-Class Presentations & Workshops
  • 1:1 Access & Equity Student Career Advising

Graduate Career Advisor

Work with Tamar Gaffin-Cahn, Assistant Director, Graduate Students, in your classroom or recommend students meet with her one-on-one for more personalized support. Not sure what to offer students? Send them this form to gauge interest.

  • In-Class Presentations & Workshops
  • 1:1 Student Career Advising
  • 1:1 Student Career Coaching (for Current Graduate Students + Alumni Only)

Career Advising vs Coaching

Career Advising is an opportunity to receive feedback, tips, and support to help students prioritize, communicate effectively, and gain confidence in the next steps toward their career goals. It focuses on strategies to highlight their skills throughout the job search process.

Students might look for Advising if:

  • They need guidance on the next steps of the job search process.
  • They need feedback on their resume, cover letters, and portfolios or want to practice interviewing and networking skills.
  • They struggle to network and need guidance getting started.

Career Coaching focuses on identifying underlying factors holding students back from their desired careers and taking concrete steps to achieve their professional goals. Coaching explores strengths, interests, and values to help them make informed decisions and take actions that lead to a fulfilling career. 

Students might look for Coaching if:

  • They are stuck in figuring out what’s next for them in their career after graduation.
  • They want to build a career based on their values.
  • They want a nontraditional career route but want to use their valuable skills from their graduate program.

Work With the Employers

Faculty, if you’re interested in connecting with employers, review our Campus Partners Toolkit. For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Employer Engagement team, linh_nguyen [at] emerson.edu (Linh Nguyen) and lorelei_riseman [at] emerson.edu (Lorelei Riseman).