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Need support for your summer internship? Do you want to remain in Boston or go to Los Angeles for the summer? Looking for more industry connections?

The Emtern Summer Experience offers 20 undergraduate rising juniors and seniors the opportunity to receive in-depth professional mentorship, pursue a summer internship and develop a network of alumni. This program is designed for students to focus on Mentorship, Community, and experience.

About the Program

The Emtern Summer Experience is designed to support students with limited experience to pursue an internship in Boston or Los Angeles. This is an opportunity for students who have been unable to do an internship due to economic hardship to provide access to experiential learning. The program is available to any student pursuing a professional experience during the summer. Historically underrepresented students are encouraged to apply. The program provides students with the following:

  • Professional Development Meetings
  • On-campus housing accommodation
  • Community-based events & conversations
  • Mentorship from an experienced alumnus
  • Ability to gain 1 academic credit for their internship

Career Development Meetings

Once accepted into the program in your Spring Semester, all 20 Emterns will have three professional development workshops with the Career Development Center to help prepare you for finding an internship. Students are responsible for finding their internship, but the Career Development Center allows you to ask questions, learn about networking, and find out how to acquire your next internship.

On-Campus Housing Accommodation

Students accepted into the program will receive free on-campus housing on Emerson’s Boston or Los Angeles campuses. Accommodation is provided during the full Summer Semester. This program only includes housing; it does not include board.

Professional Workshops

Students will be required to participate in six skill-focused events with the Career Development Center to engage in their respective industries, explore networks, and sit with each other to better understand our industries and commitment to work.


Students accepted into the program will design a schedule with their mentor and are required to meet with their mentor regularly. The mentorship program is matched to the students’ broad areas of interest. These mentors will be organized by Emerson College’s Board of Advisors. Students are required to meet with their mentors to discuss professional development inquiries, such as
  • Career planning & self-advocacy,
  • Networking opportunities with alumni in the student’s industry,
  • Processing ideas and solutions at your internship.

Academic Credit

Students have the opportunity and choice to do a 1-credit internship course at no additional cost to them while in this program. Students are not required to take this opportunity, but it is suggested if a student is required to gain academic credit. 4- or 8-credit internships are not included in this program.

How to Apply

Given the high level of interest in this program, students are required to turn in a completed application to be considered for this opportunity. Applications must include information regarding the internship(s) a student intends to apply to, or the internship(s) a student has already applied to. A written component describing the student's interest in the program is required as well.
Students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Rising Junior or Senior
  • Demonstrated Financial Need*

Students do not need to have a confirmed Summer internship to apply to the program, however, they will need to provide evidence of internships they intend to apply to or applications they have already submitted. Students are encouraged to use the Career Development Center to assist with their search.

Internships must be completed within the program's timeline (mid-May through mid-August). 

Applications open October 16, 2023, and will close November 17, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

The program is organized by Emerson College’s Board of Advisors and the Career Development Center.

*If you are accepted into the program, and cannot fulfill the requirements the student will be dropped from the program to make room for another student.

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