Want to Connect with Emerson Alumni?

Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide for locating and contacting Emerson alumni through online resources. If you’re interested in contacting alumni for an informational interview, you can find helpful tips on this page.

Use Emerge

Emerge is an Emerson College mentor platform that allows alumni to connect with students as well as fellow alums. You can create a profile and then begin communicating with other Emersonians in your industry of interest directly on the platform. For tips and tricks on getting the most out of Emerge, visit the platform’s Resources page.

Use LinkedIn’s Alumni Page

Great for general career research and locating alumni you may wish to contact. Click the Alumni tab in the left toolbar. Select different filters to see alumni who meet the criteria you’ve chosen, or use the search box to search by company name (this is usually most effective), position title, or other criteria.

Scroll down to see a list of people matching your search, which you can filter if you‘d like—see how you are connected.

How to Get in Touch

Check the person’s profile — they may list their email address, website, or anywhere you can find their contact information (check first under the “Contact Info” section). You can often find an email address and/or someone you know in common who can introduce you for an informational interview. Note that LinkedIn won’t allow you to message someone you are not already connected to. In this case, you can send a personalized connection request. More on this below!

How to Reach Out
  1. Using an email address or a message option:
    Compose a message introducing yourself and asking if the person can speak with you about [specific topic]. Be specific! Share what interests you from their experience. Make sure to also let them know how you know them, even if it’s simply that they are an Emerson alum and you are graduating/have graduated. Thank them and include your email address if you’d like. For a sample email, see our Professional Communication page.
  2. Using a personalized LinkedIn connection request:
    This option can work when you don’t have an email address, and if you are strategic about what you say in the connection request. Make sure to click “Connect” from the person’s profile page. When the invitation box comes up, click “Add Note.” LinkedIn provides up to 300 characters in the message box. Once they accept your connection request, you can send a message requesting an informational interview.
Sample Request

Hi _________,
I’m an Emerson student studying marketing, and I’m looking to connect with alumni working at
agencies in the NYC area. I would love to learn more about your work experience. If you’re willing to chat, can you share a few days and times that work best for you? Thank you!

Your Name

Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Always be polite and professional. You only have one chance to make a first impression.
  • If you schedule a time to speak with someone, be sure to show up for the appointment (whether in person, phone, or online), and arrive on time!
  • Be sure to respect the other person's time, and always be gracious. Send a thank you note within 24 hours.
  • Your career counselors are here for you! Book an appointment to practice networking.

For guidance and more personalized questions, contact your career advisor.