The Career Development Center partners with a wide range of Emerson College offices and off-campus employers to provide unique career-focused programs throughout the year.

Some of our signature programs are listed below for your reference. If you are interested in participating in or contributing to any planned or future events, please careers [at] (contact our office.)

Career & Internship Opportunities

The Career Development Center organizes a Career & Internship Fair each fall and spring semester. These events are designed as a networking opportunity for students seeking current job and/or internship openings.

High-profile employers such as Bustle, ESPN, and NBCUniversal frequently attend these fairs in an effort to onboard and recruit potential Emerson talent. Students can keep up with upcoming Career Fairs via Handshake.

Employer Events

Students have the chance to connect with recruiters throughout the year by attending various events that our office hosts.

Throughout the semester, employers come to campus to present on what careers and internships at their company may look like. These sessions are a great opportunity for those looking to learn more about a specific company and/or the work culture it represents.

For a more in-depth look, we also offer employer site visits, during which students have a chance to visit a company’s physical location for an office tour, a Q&A with recruiters, and plenty of networking opportunities.

Career Course Offerings

The Career Development Center facilitates two career-focused courses for undergraduates that are delivered as self-guided or short-term Canvas courses. These course offerings currently include:

Community Development Experience

The 1-credit Community Development Experience (CDE) provides experiential learning opportunities through civic engagement/community work. By engaging in projects with nonprofit organizations, students will cultivate career competencies such as critical thinking, interpersonal communication, and intercultural awareness, which are essential to workplace readiness. Furthermore, the CDE also serves as a means for students to develop their skills as agents for positive social change.

Students who complete a CDE will receive non-tuition credit. Enroll in a CDE by (1) securing an eligible CDE internship, (2) submitting it for approval, and (3) enrolling in the CDE internship course. Additional information regarding eligibility and approval requirements can be found on our Internship for Credit page.

Professional Development Experience

The 1-credit Professional Development Experience (PDE) is designed to provide students with an option for experiential learning. The PDE should be 2–12 weeks in duration and a minimum of 50 hours. Students must have completed two semesters in college, with at least one at Emerson, a minimum 2.7 GPA, and both submission and approval of the Internship Application are required prior to starting the PDE.

Students who complete a PDE will receive 1-tuition credit. Enroll in a PDE by (1) securing an eligible PDE internship, (2) submitting it for approval, and (3) enrolling in the PDE internship course. Additional information regarding eligibility and approval requirements can be found on our Internship for Credit page.

Where We Are: Career & Intercultural Awareness

This course explores topics on diversity and inclusion as it relates to students’ identity and career development. Students will learn about the career competency of equity and inclusion, and have discourse about diversity and inclusion in the arts and communication.

Students will highlight their intercultural experiences for their professional brand, clarify their values about diversity as they assess career opportunities, and learn about allyship and change initiatives in their fields. This course offers non-tuition credit for students.