Notification of Hearing Findings

Generally, the Respondent will be sent written notification of the hearing findings and, when applicable, sanctions assigned as a result of a hearing within seven business days after a hearing.

In a case involving a crime of violence that has been addressed under a Student Conduct Process (i.e., not a crime that would fall under the College’s Power-based Interpersonal Violence Policy), the Complainant or impacted party will also be informed of the hearing findings and/or sanctions assigned on the Respondent in accordance of applicable law at the time the Respondent is informed.

At the discretion of the Assistant Dean for Campus Life or designee, and to the extent permitted by FERPA, a parent, guardian, or family member may be notified of a Community Standards violation and correlating sanction under the following circumstances: alcohol and other drug violations; and/or when a student’s College enrollment or housing status is in jeopardy, suspended, or dismissed.


The Respondent shall have seven calendar days after receiving notice of a responsible finding to submit a written appeal to the Vice President and Dean of Campus Life. The grounds for appeal are: (a) a lack of fairness in the procedures or process that may alter the outcome; or (b) significant new information (previously unknown) that has been revealed or discovered which materially alter the facts of the matter and may alter the outcome. Absent extenuating or unusual circumstances, the Vice President and Dean of Campus Life shall respond within ten calendar days whether the appeal has been granted or rejected.

If the Vice President and Dean of Campus Life grants an appeal, the Vice President and Dean of Campus Life shall determine the next steps in his/her/their sole discretion.