For Fall Term (Semester 1):

  • Nominations from home institution: March 15
  • Emerson applications completed by students: April 15

For Spring Term (Semester 2):

  • Nominations from home institution: October 1
  • Emerson applications completed by students: October 31

Nominations by Host Institution

Home institutions will nominate students via email to Emerson College in accordance with the mutually agreed upon number of exchange places. Emerson College will contact the students and provide instructions for applying to the exchange program via an online application system.

Required Application Materials

  • Teacher Evaluation: A minimum of one official teacher evaluation from someone who has taught the student in an academic subject must be submitted.
  • College/University transcript(s): An official transcript is required from the Host Institution. Make sure the transcript indicates courses in progress. All transcripts must include an English translation if they are in a foreign language.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (see Language Requirements above)
  • Official documentation of finances: An official original bank document that is written in English and indicates a minimum balance of $12,500
  • International student letter of financial support (signed by the student’s parent/guardian)
  • Recent passport photo
  • Scanned copy of passport photo page


Students will be notified of their acceptances by no later than:

  • May 1 (for Fall Term)
  • November 15 (for Spring Term)