Mandatory Meeting for Accepted Students

Once students are accepted into the program, they will be required to attend an information session. Information sessions are held in mid-October for spring attendees and mid-March for fall term participants. Program staff will brief students about what to expect and answer any questions or concerns regarding the program. A packet of important information will be handed out. After the information sessions are held, housing forms will be emailed to students so they can begin the process of room and roommate selection.

Group Flight Travel Arrangements

Every fall and spring semester, Emerson’s travel agent arranges a round-trip group flight from Boston to Amsterdam. The cost of the ticket varies each semester. The cost of the group flight is included as part of the European Travel Package cost. This cost will be added to every castle student’s tuition bill. Castle students who do not travel on the group flight will be credited for the cost of the round-trip ticket on their tuition bill.

The advantage of booking the group flight:

  • Buses will take students are escorted to Logan Airport from Emerson College on group buses the day of departure.
  • Students are met at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam by castle staff on arrival day.
  • Castle staff arranges a group bus to the castle, approximately a some 2.5 hours drive from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
  • Students on the group flight will take a group bus back to the airport on the last day of the program, which is also arranged for them by the castle staff.

Students who participate in the Castle Summer Program must make their own flight arrangements to and from the castle.

90-Day Maximum Stay in Europe Without a Visa

Please visit the passport and visa section for more detail.

Independent Flight Arrangements to and from Kasteel Well

Of course, students have the option of making their own travel arrangements to the Netherlands. Participants making their own flight arrangements should refer to the term calendar for mandatory arrival/departure dates. When making your own flight arrangements, you must be aware of the parameters involved in doing so. You will find out about the rules involved with making your own flight arrangements at the mandatory meeting for accepted castle students. Some of the requirements of independent travel are listed below:

  • You must arrive at the castle by on arrival day. There will be no exceptions to this rule! The castle orientation program starts upon arrival to Kasteel Well. You must depart Kasteel Well by 10:00 am (or earlier) on departure day.
  • You must arrange and pay for your own way to the castle, unless you are able to meet the group flight students at Schiphol Airport to take the group bus.
  • Public transportation from Schiphol Airport to the castle involves the subway, 2 trains, a bus and a 15 minute walk with your luggage. It is a 2.5 hour car ride from Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam to the castle and that a taxi will cost in excess of €150.
  • Public transportation from Dusseldorf International Airport to the castle involves a train and a bus and walking with your luggage. It is approximately 1 hour by taxi from Dusseldorf Intl. Airport to the castle and will cost approximately €100.
  • You must plan your own travel itinerary in accordance with the group flight arrival/departure times.

You can visit the Dutch door-to-door planner for public transportation information or visit The Schiphol Travel Taxi page.

Independent Travel Excursions

In addition to the two group excursions, you will have one extended period of free time. Please see your term calendar for the dates. You will start the independent travel break from the second group excursion city. This means you will need to plan ahead for overnight, food, and transportation costs during this period. Please budget for this expense.