Kasteel Well IT Information

The castle has a wireless Internet network you can access anywhere on campus.

The castle has a wireless Internet network you can access anywhere on campus. Students can also go to “De Bunn” in the village Well to use the free wireless service, if necessary.

8 Macs are available for student use. Two of them are dual boot (both OSX and Windows). For more information about available software visit Lab Software.

  1. Users should bring their own display adaptor if they think they might need to hook their laptop to a projector for a class presentation.
  2. There is no networked printer at the castle. To print a document you will need to use one of the computers in the lab. For this reason, each participant should bring some kind of portable data storage, either a memory stick or compact flash drive.
  3. If you bring your laptop computer to Kasteel Well, please be aware that you do so at your own risk. As your Kasteel Well Student Contract states, "7. Emerson College and the European Center are not liable for loss of money or valuables, or for loss of or damage to my personal property […] in the residence halls, dining halls, lounges on campus, or during European Center field classes and activities." Also, you are responsible for the operation of your own equipment. The Kasteel Well staff are not computer experts, and while they may be able to assist with connectivity issues, they cannot repair your computer if it is not running properly. However, you may still consult with the IT desk here in Boston via email at helpdesk [at] emerson.edu (helpdesk[at]emerson[dot]edu) if you are having problems. While here, all Emerson College IT policies still apply.
  4. If you have any questions, call the IT Help Desk at 617-824-8080 or stop by the office on the 4th floor of 120 Boylston Street before you leave Boston.

Emerson Student Online Resources

Cell Phone Use In Europe

All students attending Kasteel Well programs are required to have a working phone with international service. This means that you should be able to make and receive calls and have data service anywhere that you travel. This requirement is for the safety of our students to navigate their way through Europe, and to have access to call for assistance when needed! Many American mobile service providers offer international plans/coverage. Please be in contact with your local service provider to find out rates for texts/calls/data services.

Local European SIM Card / Unlocked Phones

Another option is to purchase a local SIM card in the Netherlands that you can use during your time in Europe. The key to using an international SIM card purchased within Europe is that your current phone will need to be unlocked to receive a different SIM card. Please check with your service provider to ensure your phone is unlocked, and able to receive an international SIM card. Once you arrive we can direct you to a retailer in Well where you can purchase a local SIM card.

Kasteel Well Alum Suggestions

Past Kasteel Well alum have suggested providers like T-Mobile and Sprint as satisfactory services providers, but you will need to check with your specific provider about international plans.

If you decide to bring your phone from home

To reduce or eliminate expensive roaming charges you can suspend service while you are overseas and reactivate it when you return home. This disables all services except for emergency calls and calls to customer service. You will still be able to play music, games, use apps, etc. and when you are in a wireless hotspot you can use Skype, Facetime, check emails, etc. You will not be able to use your phone for calls (unless you decide to unlock your phone and purchase a European SIM card). Please contact your mobile service provider for more details.



An adapter adapts the American flat-pronged plug to the European round-pin plug.

  • A small adapter with two round pins can be used everywhere in Europe, except England and Ireland.
  • A larger, 3-pronged adapter is necessary in Great Britain.
  • Former castle students recommend the Skross World Converter as it works in all countries

For Mac Users

There is an Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit that can be purchased at an Apple store. Other adapters do not work well with a Mac. The Wonpro Travel Adaptor is very good. The Kensington Travel Adaptor does not work, so do not purchase one from that company.

Voltage Converters

Voltage Converters are not your friend. Some converters don’t even fit castle electrical outlets. Best to buy your small electric items in Europe. We strongly recommend that you not bring an American hair dryer to the castle as it does present some danger of explosion.