A Note for International Students

Neither Emerson College nor the U.S. federal government provides need-based financial assistance to international students. However, you may be eligible for merit-based awards through the Undergraduate Admission Office and Alternative Loans through select private lenders.

Our goal is to make an Emerson education accessible to students of all backgrounds. When you come to Emerson, you are making an investment in a lifetime of professional achievement. Our Office of Financial Aid will make every effort to help qualified applicants finance the costs. With careful financial planning, you’ll be surprised at how affordable an Emerson education can be.

About three-fourths (¾) of our students receive some type of financial assistance to help pay for their education. The average award—usually a combination of scholarships, low-interest loans, and part-time employment—is approximately $16,000.

We offer several types of financial assistance programs: need-based grants, employment, low-interest loans, merit scholarships, and alternative payment plans to help make an Emerson education possible.