Learning Communities (LCs) synthesize students' academic pursuits with their housing environment. Members of each LC will live alongside others who may be working toward similar degrees or are passionate about a particular field. Resident Assistant(s) partner with faculty to create community events tailored to that specific LC. In the past these events have included skill-building workshops, seminars, guest speakers, off-campus excursions and more.

Students apply to be part of a Learning Community through their housing application.

Film Immersion

The Film Immersion Learning Community is a great way to begin to network with others interested in the art of film and includes those whose interest is in writing, production, as well as post-production. Regardless of experience or skill level, all that is needed to be a part of Film Immersion is to have a desire to be a part of the filmmaking process. Students in the Film Immersion community will see guest speakers and participate in film screenings among other film-related programs.

Performing Cultures

Students who have an appreciation for performing arts or are performing artists themselves find a home in the Performing Cultures Learning Community. Whether a student likes the spotlight or thrives behind the scenes, the Performing Cultures Learning Community is the place where residents learn from others on the floor and make connections with student groups on campus.

Through workshops and field trips, students will be actively engaged in and exposed to both the Emerson and Boston arts scene. They will take their newfound skills and knowledge to execute their final capstone performance. Students in this learning community work together as a production team in order to produce a completely student-driven show that they create themselves. This exciting opportunity typically provides the Performing Cultures participants with the rare occasion to gain hands-on experience in areas of directing, producing, stage management, house management, company management, box office management, marketing, choreography, music and vocal direction, props, hair and makeup, costumes, set design, sound design, and lighting design.

Writer's Block

Members of the Writers’ Block are a close community of new and experienced writers who strive for writing excellence in coursework, workshops, and community events. Open to all students, regardless of major or experience level, this learning community comes together in an informal setting to share ideas about writing, experience the vibrant literary landscape in Boston, and practice their craft. Students in this learning community have a wide range of writing styles and interests, from slam poetry to avid zine collecting. Writers’ Block has its own graduate assistant dedicated to coming to the Piano Row Residence Hall to facilitate workshops on a weekly basis. Writers’ Block produces a yearly literary anthology, which is created entirely by students. It also hosts writing-related events and fundraisers to showcase members’ talent. Students who choose this learning community reside in the Writers’ Block residential area (on a space-available basis) and participate in informal writing workshops in the residence hall.