Special Interest Areas bring together students who share a similar lifestyle such as Substance Free, or are looking for a specific element to their housing experience. Experiences on these floors are similar to other communities around campus, but may help to eliminate some of the concerns that can accompany transitioning to the college environment. 

Students can apply for these communities through the housing application.

Types of Communities 

Substance Free

Students living in Substance Free spaces commit to leading a holistic, healthy lifestyle free of alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. Open to all students, these rooms, suites or groups of rooms can share ideas, techniques, and programs surrounding being holistically well in mind, body, and soul. Whether a substance-free lifestyle is new to you or something you have practiced for years, these spaces can be a great place to learn, share, and experiment with wellness concepts and ideas that may not be familiar to you.

Women's Area

This cluster (a room, suite or group of rooms) is created to provide space for women to live, support, empower, and encourage one another!