Our Statement

The mission of Institutional Research (IR) is to support Emerson College by providing accurate and meaningful information and analysis to Emerson decision-makers, the Emerson community, and external stakeholders in order to enhance institutional effectiveness.

What We Do

  • Produce the Emerson College Fall Factbook.
  • Coordinate and oversee the Emerson College course evaluation process.
  • Coordinate Emerson College’s responses to the federal government’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS) surveys.
  • Support Emerson College in the evaluation/assessment efforts including assisting in program reviews and self-studies. Institutional Research assists with the highlighted areas in the Academic Program Review Summary.
  • Assist in the standardization of data to create uniformity and consistency.
  • Generate and disseminate data and information in a usable and useful format.
  • Coordinate and complete appropriate reports and surveys requested by state and federal agencies, accrediting agencies, and external marketing services.
  • Collaborate with other areas to administer and analyze survey results.
  • Serve as consultants for survey and other research services.
  • Produce grade distributions each semester.

Course Evaluation Resources

The Office of Institutional Research would like to provide support for the course evaluation process. For more information about course evaluations such as the schedule, the instrument, and instructions, visit the Online Course Evaluations page.


The data presented in the Factbook are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of Emerson College at a specific point in time - following the add/drop period in the fall semester. It is meant as a resource or a reference for users in need of current and reliable institutional data. A new issue is available each academic year.

Faculty/Staff Resources

The Office of Institutional Research has included several resources for faculty and staff. If you would like to recommend a resource for this page, please contact us. NOTE: Links may require Emerson login credentials in order to access documents. All documents are in PDF format.

Glossary of Institutional Research Terms

Curious what "census data" means? Or what "FTE" stands for? Go to our Glossary of Institutional Research Terms. If you have any suggestions or questions, contact the Office of Institutional Research.

Institutional Research Websites and Affiliations

The Office of Institutional Research collaborates with a diverse network of consortiums, news outlets, and associations dedicated to serving and advancing higher education.

Selected Surveys Administered, Supported, or Analyzed

For the latest data on surveys conducted externally and internally, follow the link below to our Selected Surveys page.