The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs advises many cultural organizations (for students, by students) and supports all student organizations whose missions focus on topics in close alignment with the mission of the department. Student organizations whose mission align with the work of the Cultural Center and Intercultural Student Affairs may request to use the Cultural Center for their weekly meetings.

Current Organizations

Access Disability Union

@access_sdu | access.sdu [at] gmail.comtitle="Email the Access Disability Union "

Amigos (Latinx)

Amigos (“friends”) is Emerson’s cultural organization that is dedicated to bringing Latin culture to campus. Amigos is a multicultural group that welcomes anyone who has an interest in the variety of cultures that Amigos stands for. Through continuous programming throughout the school year, Amigos brings a variety of speakers, performers, food, and activities that embody the many Latin and Hispanic nations and cultures. Amigos also networks and collaborates with other other Boston-area Latinx student-run organizations. If you are interested in getting involved, Amigos has many opportunities to get  involved with throughout the year.

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Emerson’s Asian Students in Alliance (ASIA) was officially recognized as of Spring 1993. This organization was founded to provide awareness of the vast cultures present within the Asian community. ASIA is dedicated to becoming an active member in the varied social events of the Emerson community.

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CSA (Chinese Student Association)

Emerson's Chinese student association.

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EAGLE (LGBTQIA+) (Emerson's Advancement Group For Love And Expression)

Emerson's Advancement Group for Love and Expression (EAGLE) was established to promote visibility and acceptance of queer culture throughout the campus and community. Membership is open to any student who is interested in aiding others with a personal acceptance of the rainbow of LGBTQIA+ identities. The group sponsors social, academic, and awareness functions for the community on issues relevant to queer culture.

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EBONI (Emerson's Black Organization With Natural Interest)

Named Organization of the Year for 2007–2008 and 2014–2015, EBONI is an organization dedicated to the political and cultural reawakening of students of African descent within the Emerson community. Students organize and sponsor Black History Month programming. They also hold meetings and events designed to increase the influence and enhance the experiences of students of African descent at Emerson.

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Emerson International

Emerson International (EI) is an organization dedicated to making international students feel at ease on Emerson College’s campus and to integrate them to the college community by providing a link with members of their country as well as those with different cultural backgrounds. Made up of students of diverse backgrounds and interests, EI provides social and educational programs while serving as a resource for projects identified by the International Student Affairs Office.

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Flawless Brown (Women Of Color)

Flawless Brown is an artistic collective focused on creating a supportive space where women and non-binary people of color can develop their art and gain both technical & leadership experience in their fields. Flawless Brown has five departments: Flawless Brown Stage, Flawless Pictures, Flawless Writes, Flawless Marketing, and Flawless Sisterhood.  The Sisterhood of Flawless Brown creates art within a safe, nurturing and supportive space. This allows our members to build confidence and find power through art.

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Hip-Hop Society

Collective creating and celebrating Hip-Hop.

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POWER (Protesting Oppression With Educational Reform)

Launched in the Spring of 2015, renamed in March of 2016, POWER was initially created to prompt Emerson College to create and enforce cultural competency training for faculty members. The organization meets regularly with academic departments to ensure the socio-political issues occurring outside the classroom are acknowledged and respected within the academic environment. One goal is to work with administrators to have mandatory, culturally enlightening courses added to the curriculum of each department.  POWER challenges Emerson College to recognize the impact it's having on the future media makers of the world, and to ensure students are graduating with values and practices that align with the progressive social justice mission of the college.

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Raíz Latinoamericana

Latinx artist collective. 


The Everloving Everlasting Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Nine brilliant and energetic women chartered the Everloving, Everlasting Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated on May 3, 1924 on the campus of Boston University. The Epsilon Chapter is the first and only single letter chapter in the Boston area. Epsilon upholds a tradition in Excellence and will continue to pass the torch for others to follow. 

@epsilon_aka | aka.epsilon [at] 

The Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated

Iota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated, formerly known as the New England Chapter, was the first chapter of any Black sorority in the New England Area. Iota Chapter was chartered on December 29, 1921 by Sadie T.M. Alexander, who served as the sorority’s first national president, and Virginia Alexander. These women travelled from Alpha Chapter in Washington, D.C. to initiate the women who had hopes of becoming members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Since its charter, Iota Chapter has been the birthplace of many phenomenal women and excellent programs. Today however, the chapter’s charter is comprised only of Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Emerson College, and Northeastern University.

@iotachapterdeltas | IotaDST [at]

The Skintones

A capella music community for people of color. 

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Theyta (Non-Binary)

Theyta is a social, professional, and community service organization that is a community for students who identify as non-binary.

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Zeta Phi Beta Sorority inc.

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