Jeffrey Greenhawt ’68 and Jan Jacobs Greenhawt ’69 have generously provided a gift to Emerson College for the expressed purpose of enabling Emerson faculty to procure resources that might assist them in obtaining external project support. The aim is to assist faculty who desire to pursue external funding for their research and scholarly endeavors, but lack experience in writing successful proposals, or the mentoring connections in grantsmanship that are common at larger institutions.


Internal grants between $500 and $2,000 will be awarded. The number of grants awarded will be dependent upon the number of applications received, the amounts requested, and the availability of funds.


All tenure, tenure-track, and term full-time faculty are eligible to apply for a Greenhawt Fund grant.

Eligible Projects

  • Funds to travel to meet with a faculty mentor at another institution for the purpose of assisting in writing a proposal
  • Travel and registration fees to attend a workshop or seminar on proposal writing and grantsmanship
  • Professional consulting services in proposal writing or proposal review. Funds up to $250 may be paid to a full-time, tenure track Emerson faculty member to perform an evaluation and assessment of your application, subject to the approval of the faculty member’s dean and department chair. External reviewers –such as faculty at other institutions or professional proposal reviewers—may also be utilized
  • Other projects as approved by the cognizant dean, department chair, and Provost.


  • An applicant must have at least one proposal planned for submission
  • Special consideration will be given to applicants with the following:
    • Planned proposals for multiple years of funding, or for requested amounts of $20,000 or higher
    • Proposals that include indirect costs in their budgets
    • Proposals that do not include voluntary cost sharing or matching


  • Applications must be complete, clearly written, compelling, well defined, and easily understood by all reviewers: write clearly, simply, and use laymen's terms.
  • Applications that are incomplete and do not follow directions may be disqualified.
  • Applications should be between two and four pages and must consist of the following:
    • The name of the sponsor, funding opportunity, title (if available), proposal due date, and brief summary of the planned proposal
    • Information on resource needed (consultant, conference, workshop, etc.), and why it is needed. Resources must be specifically identified and not generalized.
    • If an Emerson faculty member will receive a stipend from the grant to review your application, written confirmation of this role from the faculty member must be provided. Emerson will pay the stipend directly to the faculty member via HR/Payroll.

Review and Selection

Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Director of the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship, with input from the Faculty Development and Research Council, Provost, and the Assistant Vice President for Faculty Affairs. Before a proposal is selected for funding, feedback will be solicited from the applicant’s cognizant dean and department chair.

Dates and Limitations

There is no hard deadline for a Greenhawt grant. However, applications must be received in complete and final form at least two weeks (ten business days) prior to when the applicant plans to utilize the funds.  Applications that do not provide the information outlined above will be returned for modification and resubmission.

Grants are subject to funding availability. At this time, the Greenhawt fund is not a recurring gift.

Greenhawt grants must be used within 120 days (4 months) from the date of issue. Grants that are not used by this time without a formal extension request will be returned to the Greenhawt Fund.