Student Sustainability Fellows

Our student fellows for the 2023-2024 academic year are:

  • Annie Arriaga headshot
    Senior, Business of Enterprises major and Narrative Nonfiction minor

    My name is Annie and I’m a Business of Enterprises major with a Narrative Nonfiction minor. I am a food writer/blogger and I like to cover food’s intersection with sustainability, culture, and climate change. I’m also a founder and director of Emerson’s Spoon University chapter, which is an online food publication.

  • Ava Tribe headshot
    Senior, Political Communication major and Environmental Studies minor

    My name is Ava (she/her) and I’m a Political Communication major and Environmental Studies minor from Oak Park, California. Working with sustainable plant and floral companies, gardening, working on agricultural sustainability projects, and building hydroponic systems have all led me to be incredibly passionate about sustainability and environmentalism. Being an Eco Ambassador at Emerson as well as President of Emerson Green Collective are really important to me because every effort to combat climate change is vital to saving our planet. 

  • Katie Koenig headshot
    Sophomore, Creative Writing major

    My name is Katie Koenig. I’m a Creative Writing major. I’ve always been interested in sustainability, especially my individual efforts that can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of my small slice of the world! Ever since I was a kid I was immersed in ecology; whether learning about three bins (and the reasons why they’re different sizes) in school, picking up fertilizer from the local recycling/compost plant for my family garden, or getting fresh deliveries of beans and vegetables homegrown from my neighbor’s yard!

  • Lizzy Pereira headshot
    Sophomore, Political Communications Major

    Hi, I’m Lizzy and I’m a Writing, Literature & Publishing major! Our generation will be the most impacted by the climate crisis. Sustainability, especially on college campuses, is a small but important step to making a difference! I’m a climate activist, and I’ve fought for sustainable energy locally here in Massachusetts. Besides activism, I love music, reading, and cats!

  • Ria Wipperfurth headshot
    First-Year, Interdisciplinary Studies

    My name is Ria and I am the Waste Diversion Fellow. I will be taking on proper waste sorting for the residence halls, dining halls and around campus. You’ll also see me at different events talking about how to be more sustainable. I am in an Interdisciplinary Studies major studying sustainability and marketing. With my degree I hope I can implement change in policies and reduce mass wastes businesses cause.

Sustainability Committee

The Emerson Sustainability Committee, comprising faculty, staff, undergraduate students, and graduate students, encourages environmental, social, and financial actions that reflect the College’s commitment to sustainable practices. This Committee meets regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters. Campus Services appoints members annually, considering expertise, passion, and commitment. Please email sustainability [at] (sustainability[at]emerson[dot]edu) to reach the committee. Current members are:

  • Nancy Howell (Staff)
  • Jen Lamy (Staff)* 
  • Amy Rinaldo (Staff) 
  • Duncan Pollock (Staff)* 
  • Homa Sarabi-Daunais (Staff)
  • Barbara Stachurska (Student) 
  • Eric Gordon (Faculty)
  • Jon Honea (Faculty)
  • Nejem Raheem (Faculty)
  • Sara Salimbeni (Faculty)
  • Todd Smith (Faculty)
  • Michael Tucker (Faculty)
  • Paul Turano (Faculty) 

*Committee chair

Contact us

Want to stay in touch with the Sustainability office? 

Email: sustainability [at] (sustainability[at]emerson[dot]edu)
Phone: (617) 824-8954
Twitter and Facebook: @GreenEmerson