Emerson is part of the Green Ribbon Commission’s GRCx Climate Action Planning cohort for the 2022-2023 academic year. Over the course of the year, stakeholders from across the college will come together to identify our existing strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies to improve across a range of sustainability indicators, and chart a course towards a carbon neutral and resilient campus by 2030.

Once the plan is finalized, you will find it here on this page.

Process Overview

A timeline of the planning process including the launch, draft plan, review, approve, and implement stages

The process for the development of a new Sustainability Action Plan is as follows:

  • September, 2022: Throughout September, six working groups were formed through an open call for volunteers and several internal leaders signed up to form an advisory council for the process. Two listening sessions were held in late September to generate conversation between College stakeholders about the future of sustainability at Emerson. 
  • October, 2022: All working groups met for a planning launch in early October, where volunteers introduced themselves and 
  • November, 2022 - March, 2023: All six working groups will meet individually four times to develop goals and plans. 
  • February through March, 2023: The advisory council will meet twice with working group facilitators to provide feedback on progress. 
  • April, 2023: The six working groups will come together in a final summit to workshop the cohesive plan and will then submit the proposal to College leadership. 
  • Summer, 2023: Target date for implementation

The planning process is being divided among six working groups:

  1. Emissions and offsets
  2. Resilience
  3. Equity and justice 
  4. Waste
  5. Curriculum and research 
  6. Finance

These working groups are busy reviewing findings from recent sustainability reporting processes to better understand the baseline from which they are working. Each group will then propose milestones for 2030 and the strategies necessary to achieve those milestones.

During the spring 2023 semester, the draft report will be shared with the community via a series of presentations and through the Sustainable Emerson blog. Community members will then have the opportunity to submit public comments on the draft. Finally, the plan will be shared with the President’s Council for approval.

From summer 2023 onward, the plan will be implemented. Each spring, the Campus Sustainability Manager will prepare a brief annual report on the College’s progress and make necessary adjustments to the plan. In 2030, the process will begin anew with 2040 goals.

How to Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in the planning process. Members of the community can choose to engage in one or several of the following opportunities:

  • Reach out to sustainability [at] emerson.edutitle="Email Sustainability" if you would like to join a working group.
  • From September through December, the team will be accepting ideas, comments, and suggestions through an open-ended virtual “suggestion box” here
  • In early 2023, a draft plan will be shared with the community for feedback. At that time, an open comment period will begin and students, faculty, and staff will also have an opportunity to provide suggestions and ask questions about the process.

How to Stay Informed

Stay tuned for updates on the Sustainable Emerson blog and feel free to reach out to sustainability [at] emerson.edutitle="Email Sustainability" with any questions.