Housing at ELA consists of residential suites containing both single and double rooms that share a bathroom within the suite. Students can identify their preferred room type and roommate/suitemates on their ELA Housing Application. More information about the housing selection process will be reviewed during the mandatory info sessions.

  • A six-person suite consists of two doubles and two singles.
  • A five-person suite consists of five singles.
  • A four-person suite consists of one double and two singles.
  • Gender-neutral suites are available.

Room Information

Size of Rooms

Each suite at ELA has rooms that are unique in size, and therefore we are unable to provide dimensions for specific rooms. Most rooms are square to rectangular in shape with a few double rooms in an “L” shape. The exterior wall of each room is floor to ceiling window space with covered blinds. Each window has a section that can be opened to the outside.


All residence hall rooms come with a set of standard furniture per person:

  • a bed frame with underbed storage drawer
  • XL twin mattress (36” x 80”)
  • desk and desk chair
  • Wardrobe unit

Furniture may not be removed from the individual room to which it is assigned. Students are responsible for any furniture lost or damaged over the course of the year.

Bed Frames

Emerson College does NOT allow bed frames to be raised with cinder blocks or stacked wood. Commercially manufactured bed raisers that allow an additional 6 inches of height are allowed. 


All of our beds are twin XL (36” x 80”), so you’ll need to purchase XL sheets, which can be found at various retailers. When packing for ELA you may want to consider bringing sheet sets, a mattress pad, bed foam, extra pillowcases, pillows, and a comforter.

Refrigerators and Microwaves

Each suite is furnished with a mid-size microfridge (10.1 cu. ft.) that is shared with all residents within the suite. Students needing/wanting more space are permitted to bring a personal refrigerator unit as long as the refrigerator and freezer dimensions are no larger than 3 cubic feet. Personal units must be kept within the residents individual room and cannot be stored in the common area of the suite. Due to electrical overload concerns, additional microwaves are not permitted in any suite. Additional microwaves are provided in the community kitchen.

WiFi Access

All student rooms are equipped with wireless internet access. To access the wifi, students must login to the network with their Emerson credentials and network password provided during orientation. 


To prevent damage to your posters and the walls, please use removable poster tape, putty, or removable adhesive squares. 

Window Treatments

All windows are outfitted with shades. Curtains, tapestries, and other such wall hangings are not permitted.

Housing and Parking in LA

On-Campus Housing Requirement

On-campus housing is mandatory for undergraduate students and optional for graduate students and students over the age of 25. However, if your permanent legal address is within 10 miles of the ELA center and you are interested in living at home with an immediate family member (parent, grandparent, sibling), or if you care for direct dependents, you can petition to live off campus. You can find the off-campus housing petition in your housing portal.

Parking Regulations

ELA has the right and obligation to control traffic and parking at our facility. The operation of a motor vehicle at the center is a privilege granted by the College and is not a right of any employee, student or visitor. ELA parking rules and regulations are designed to aid the flow of traffic, provide the maximum amount of parking possible, and aid in the safety for all guests.

All vehicles parked at ELA are required to obtain a parking permit from ELA Security. Everyone who is issued a parking permit will have a designated parking spot in the underground parking garage. Visitors may only park in the above ground garage located off of Gordon St. All visitors should check in with ELA Security upon arrival.

Services and Non-Residential Space

Maintenance Requests

Please report all requests for repairs in your own room or suite to Facilities Management. To avoid a delay in response time, please make sure to specify your location as Los Angeles. Any lock issues should be filed via work order and reported directly to your Residence Director. If the concern is an issue in a public area, please report it to your RA or RD. If you have an emergency work order request, please call the duty phone for support.

Packages and Mailboxes

Letter sized mail is sorted and placed into students' mailboxes located on the 4th floor by the Resident Director office. Students will receive email notification if they receive packages that won’t fit in the mailboxes and can pick up their package from the 4th floor mailroom, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and select weekend hours depending on staff availability. If you have any questions related to packages or mail delivery, please email ela_reslife [at] emerson.edu (ela_reslife[at]emerson[dot]edu). Student mail should be addressed in this manner:

Emerson College Los Angeles
ATTN: *Student's Name and Room Number*
5960 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Laundry Room

The laundry room is located on the 4th floor of the West Tower near the Resident Director office and is available to students 24 hours a day. Laundry is free for all students.

Fitness Center

Students can stay in shape and get grounded at the Fitness Center that has a separate yoga/meditation room, and is open 24/7. Located on the 4th floor of the West Tower near the Resident Director office.

Study Lounges

Two large study lounges can be found on the 4th floor of the West Tower near the Resident Director office. The lounges are open 24/7 and are first-come first-served. Both lounges have cable TV access.

Computer Labs

ELA’s computer labs are open 24/7 and have plenty of iMacs and printers available for student use, so you’ll never have to worry about getting your papers and projects in on time. Computer labs are located in the academic portion of the ELA campus.

Parking Garage

ELA has a spacious underground gated parking garage that is monitored 24/7 via video and requires ELA ID for entry. Parking fees are added directly to your student bill and may be waived if you will not have a vehicle. Visitors may park in our visitor parking lot for no fee.

Performance & Rehearsal Studios

Our performance and rehearsal studios are complete with dance floors, professional lighting, and soundproofing, so students can hone their talents as actors, singers, and dancers.

Production Suites

The audio mixing suite is optimal for Visual and Media Arts majors’ post-production projects. This suite has a digital mixing board and Pro Tools 192 system, which enable students to edit with up to 64 different audio tracks. There are additional post-production rooms and editing suites throughout the building.