Emerson College will continue to use the “isolate in place” model. Students who test positive will remain in their assigned living space and follow the CDC guidance for isolation. Students isolating on-campus will be able to leave their spaces to pick up food from the Dining Center to take with them, seek medical assistance, and other limited activities. These students must wear a well-fitting mask during their isolation time period. Students are encouraged to complete the COVID-19 Self Report Form.
Students in isolation should not attend events, classes, visit the fitness center, eat in the dining hall or participate in non-essential activities. Students should notify their professors, coaches or supervisors that they will be absent. Please work with your faculty to make up for missed work. The College’s attendance policy can be found here.

Living with a Roommate who is Isolating

A student sharing a room with a COVID positive person has the option of remaining in the room. If a student decides to seek alternative housing, it will be at their own expense. As you would anytime your roommate might become ill, be considerate – let them get rest and sleep, and do your best to minimize disturbances.