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Public Health Guidelines, Information, and Resources for our Community

Welcome to One Emerson!

We’ve come so far as One Emerson. Since 2020, this page has served as a hub for COVID-19 information and protocols. We are excited to broaden it to include all public health information relevant to the Emerson community.

COVID-19 taught us how important it is to work together as a community when addressing public health issues. We continue to find ways to learn, work, and collaborate, all while keeping each other safe and healthy. We hope you’ll refer to this online resource to stay on top of the latest policies and protocols put forth by the College’s collaboration with public health authorities, Tufts Medical Center, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Now, you also can visit this page to learn about community health initiatives, including raising mental health awareness, promoting physical activity, and supporting sexual health.

Fall 2023 COVID-19 Protocols

While we are in the endemic phase of COVID-19, we want to acknowledge that the virus remains with us, and share available resources with new members of the community, as well as returning students, staff, and faculty.

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