All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students & student organizations must have their posters reviewed and approved for posting. Posters are defined as digital or printed material whose purpose is to publicize or inform the Emerson community about a certain event, audition process, call for applications etc., that an organization or individual may be holding.  Postings that do not meet that definition are not allowed.

All non-academic posters must have an official Student Engagement & Leadership (SEAL) Approval Stamp. Student organizations are strongly encouraged to show posters to their advisors prior to obtaining a registration stamp.

To obtain a Registration Stamp

(Please allow at least one full business day before following up on approval status)

  • A singular original poster must be brought to the Campus Life Suite (Walker Building. rm 411 - 120 Boylston Street, 4th floor) at least one week before the poster is to be posted or placed (You only need to bring ONE poster).
    • All digital posters submitted on EmConnect will be reviewed for approval by Student Engagement and Leadership 
    • All digital posters used for Social Media accounts must have prior written approval and be identical to the physical copy approved by SEAL. 
    • All posters must have an Emerson College email address displayed in order to be approved.
  • All non-academic events/fundraisers must be submitted and approved by a SEAL staff member via EmConnect before the posting may be approved.
    • A signed Emerson College contract on file with SEAL is required for any event that:
      • Is off-campus and hosted by a registered student organization (note: non-registered student organizations are not permitted to host off-campus events)
      • Any events that hosts, credits, and/or references a speaker, artist, performer, or any non-Emerson affiliated individual on campus (including alumni)
        • Note: if a speaker, artist, performer, venue, etc. would like Emerson to sign their personal/company contract, this contract must be reviewed and signed by SEAL/General Counsel and will take time to process.
      • Proof of a permit must be submitted on any property under the jurisdiction of a governmental entity, such as city, state or federal institution before a poster will be approved.

Poster Guidelines

  • Individuals and groups may not post or place any poster without the original copy being stamped by Campus Life or approved on EmConnect by Student Engagement and Leadership. Unregistered postings will be removed and the student organization or individual will be contacted.
  • All registered posters will receive an approval sticker with a designation that denotes the end posting date. Posters will be approved for up to 3 weeks of posting. Groups may copy that poster for more general distribution. 
  • Poster approval does not imply College endorsement.
  • Student/student organizations are expected to remove their notices when their event has passed.
  • If you make any edits/alterations to your poster after it has been approved, you MUST get the poster reapproved by SEAL.
  • No postings may be placed or distributed that allude to, depict, promote, invite, or encourage alcohol or other illegal drug consumption whether for a party, event, or otherwise.
  • Non–Emerson related events and activities will not be approved for posting.
  • Postings that contain false/non-factual information will not receive an approval stamp. Any posters looking to inform the campus community about particular topics, current events, social issues, etc. must contain citations of where information was obtained from and must be credible sources. 
  • Postings cannot be used with the purpose to harm, bully, or harass other Emerson community members/organizations and must follow Emerson College’s Code of Community Standards. These postings will not be approved and may be subject to investigation by the Office of Community Standards and the SEAL office if deemed necessary.
  • Proof of written permission must be shown in order to use the name or image of any individuals/groups on the poster. Permission must be shared with Campus Life before approval is granted.
  • Advertised events, services, and educational information cannot be in violation of policies outlined in the Student Code of Community Standards.
  • Emerson College student organization’s EmConnect and other college-hosted digital event or information postings must abide by the Emerson College Poster Policy.
  • If items are posted in violation of this policy, an individual or group may lose their posting privileges.  Posting non-approved material may also result in a referral to Community Standards for determination of whether Community Standards have been violated.

Campus Posting Areas

  • Postings of signs, advertisements, and other materials are permitted on authorized bulletin boards only. All other postings will be removed and the organization or individual will be contacted.
  • Postings should be affixed to bulletin boards with tacks only. No staples, tape, or other adhesives, either on a bulletin board or other surface, is permitted and postings will be removed and the organization or individual will be contacted.
  • No postings may be placed in elevators, on fire escapes, walls, doors, windows, bathroom stalls, mirrors, fences, lampposts, mailboxes, trees, or any area that is not on the “approved for campus postings” list
  • Postings, advertisements, and other notices are not permitted to be slipped under or placed on residence hall room doors without approval of the Director of Housing and Residential Education.
  • Questions about a specific building posting policy may be directed to Campus Life or the following as appropriate:
    • 172 Tremont/Student Performance Center: Director, Campus Centers
      • campuscenter [at]
    • Residence Halls: Residence Director
      • hre [at]

Please note: Failure to abide by these policies may lead to loss of posting privileges, College recognition, and/or disciplinary action from the College. 

The following is a list of authorized bulletin board spaces on campus and are the ONLY places approved for campus postings:

172 Tremont Street

  • Located on each floor of the building - 5 bulletin boards

2 Boylston Place Residence Hall (2 Boylston Place)

  • Lobby – 1 bulletin board

Ansin Building (180 Tremont Street)

  • Lower Level -–1 bulletin board in between elevators 
  • 2nd-3rd Floor – 1 bulletin board on each floor by elevator 
  • 4th Floor – 2 bulletin boards (1 by elevator, the other is off to the right)
  • 5th Floor – 3 bulletin boards (1 by elevators, the others off to the left and right)
  • 6th Floor – 2 bulletin boards (1 by elevators, the other off to the right) 
  • 7th-13th Floor – 1 bulletin board on each floor in between elevators

Dining Center

  • Entrance to Center Stage via Boylston Place Alley – arranged by day of week 
  • Stage – 1 bulletin board 

Piano Row (150 Boylston Street)

  • Main floor near computer kiosks – 2 bulletin boards

Student Performance Center (80 Boylston Street)

  • Main stairwell leading to the lower level – 1 bulletin board
  • Lower Level 1 bulletin board (near restrooms)

Tufte Performance and Production Center (10 Boylston Place)

  • 8th Floor – 1 bulletin board (Towards end of the hallway) 
  • 9th Floor – 1 bulletin board
  • 11th Floor – 1 bulletin board (It is through the door in front of elevators) 

Union Bank Building (216 Tremont Street)

  • Main Floor – Small bulletin board next to classroom
  • 2nd Floor – Small bulletin board by elevators
  • 3rd Floor – 1 bulletin board immediately left out of elevator
  • 5th Floor – 2 bulletin boards
  • 6th Floor – 2 bulletin boards-Career Services, ASK to post-Academic Advising

Walker (120 Boylston Street)

  • 3rd Floor – 1 bulletin board
  • 4th Floor – 3 bulletin boards
  • 5th Floor – 5 bulletin boards (Library Study rooms, and 2 towards the TPPC)
  • 6th Floor – 2 bulletin boards