We are on a mission to build a bold and borderless Emerson. This means opening doors for our students to harness education abroad opportunities, ensuring our international students have the support they need, and developing new programs and initiatives that center on creating learning environments that are welcoming to students from all cultures, life experiences and ancestries. Faculty, like our students, are storytellers and these funds will enable us to support them as they craft narratives of equity within both teaching and learning. We have a responsibility to reimagine how we develop the world’s future leaders in communications and the arts–your support is needed to help us get there.

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Internationalization & Equity Funds

Internationalization & Equity Fund

Students and faculty come to Emerson from around the world with dreams of telling their stories, transforming industries, and reimagining the way we communicate and express ourselves. Their dreams are big, their ambition is real, and their possibilities seem limitless. Unfortunately, not all of our students and faculty experience the same Emerson. The issues of our society don’t disappear when they walk through our doors, and in some cases they become more acute and pervasive, obstructing their path forward. There is an urgent need to transform the College into an institution infused with ideas from around the world; an Emerson that is more inclusive, and active in disassembling the structures and practices that reinforce systemic racism and inequality. Although this work is ongoing, we need your immediate support. The Internationalization and Equity Fund was created to fuel this transformation: it will help us uplift the voices of our marginalized students and faculty through new and existing equity programs and initiatives, infuse internationally-focused changes into our curriculum, and support equity-focused education abroad programming.

International Student Assistance Fund

International students come to Emerson to embark on a daring new chapter full of excitement and transformation. Representing nearly 80 countries from around the world, our international students bring viewpoints, values, and cultural experiences that make Emerson the vibrant community of innovation and creativity that it is today. In addition to the natural challenge of moving to another country, some of our international students are faced with seemingly insurmountable barriers. Some experience unexpected financial hardship due to loss of family income. Others have fled their home countries to escape poverty, war, and violence. The International Student Assistance Fund was created to help support these students and keep them at Emerson. Your financial support will directly impact the future of our international students and help them complete their Emerson chapter.

Education Abroad Assistance Fund

Now more than ever, the world needs daring, independent-minded artists and communicators. It needs changemakers that have been immersed in cultures other than their own and who understand the global context of their fields. At Emerson, we are shaping these future global leaders: individuals who will transform industries, question the status quo, and drive change and innovation. As we continue to build a bold and borderless Emerson, we must also remove financial barriers that keep students from expanding their global view. The Education Abroad Assistance Fund will accomplish this goal: it will open doors for more Emerson students to immerse themselves in new cultures, transform their world views, and pioneer new pathways in fields that shape our global society, culture, and future.

Global Initiatives

From our Global Pathways Programs, to our castle in the Netherlands, and beyond, we offer more than opportunities for students to study abroad. We provide access to enriching cultural experiences that will guide you on the path to becoming a global citizen.

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