Academic Calendars

Access academic calendars and religious observance policies

View Emerson College’s past, current, and upcoming academic calendars for undergraduate and graduate programs on our Boston campus below.

Program Calendars

View calendars for Emerson’s Kasteel Well and Los Angeles programs, as well as two of our graduate programs, below.

Multifaith Observances

Emerson College seeks to honor and celebrate the religious and spiritual diversity of our community. In planning campus events, course deadlines, meetings, and programs, please consult the Multifaith Calendar (Google Calendar or spreadsheet format) and avoid scheduling anything on work-restricted holidays (marked on the calendar with the words “no work”). Additionally, community members should anticipate absences and, in accordance with our Religious Observance Policies, offer accommodations during religious holidays and seasons throughout the year.

Please click here to add Emerson’s Multifaith Google Calendar to your personal calendar. The Multifaith Calendar can also be accessed in spreadsheet format..

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