Cross-Departmental Programs

Academic programs that span across departments

Emerson College offers cross-departmental academic programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Learn more below about the programs that interconnect faculty and courses from the School of the Arts, the School of Communication, and the Engagement Lab.

Undergraduate Business of Creative Enterprises (BA)

Emerson’s Business of Creative Enterprises BA is for the creatives with a prowess for business: the business minds with a passion for the art. It’s for those who have shaped and developed the ideas that started it all. In our BCE program, you’ll gain the skills and versatility you need to become a leader in this rapidly changing industry and beyond.

Undergraduate Comedic Arts (BFA)

Emerson's Comedic Arts BFA is the first degree of its kind in the country. It integrates comedic writing, performance, literature, media, and production—and ranges across the comedic formats, from sketch comedy to improv to standup to Shakespeare.

Undergraduate Health and Social Change (BA)

Emerson’s Health and Social Change BA program provides you with the tools to effect change in healthcare systems and policy. Using an interdisciplinary, civically minded lens, students work to create a new culture of health and wellness in their communities that is centered in social justice, communication, and the arts.

Graduate Media Design / Journalism and Media Innovation MA

Emerson’s Media Design MA program prepared students for a life and career of improving the world through media, technology, and civic engagement. Though segments of the program have evolved into the Journalism and Media Innovation MA, its legacy in our renowned Engagement Lab continues to influence new approaches to civic media and design. Graduates of this program became leaders in the knowledge economy, equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue a wide range of post-degree career tracks.

Undergraduate Media Psychology (BS)

Emerson’s Media Psychology BS program teaches you how to analyze the psychological impacts of media on individuals and communities. You will become a responsible consumer and creator of media who understands its role in shaping a more inclusive and equitable society.

Undergraduate Social Impact Design (Minor)

The Social Impact Design minor invites students from all majors to apply their skills and passions toward making a difference in the world by collaborating directly with local justice-seeking organizations. Students will learn methods of collaborative creativity and then take hands-on classes, where they will apply a range of media and storytelling practices to real-world situations.

Undergraduate Discovery Program

The Emerson College Discovery Program is designed to help undeclared undergraduate first-year students further explore and understand the various academic options across the College, while establishing a foundation in communication skills and earning credit. Discovery Program students have the unique opportunity to take classes in subjects spanning many of the College’s academic departments.