PA Students

PA Students is a safe online space designed for Performing Arts students, faculty, and staff to share their theatre discoveries within the Emerson community. Links to on-campus departmental events, sign-ups, advising and registration forms, and forms to submit events and posts can all be found here. We encourage you to bookmark this website and visit it daily to connect with our community about information, help, support, collaboration, inspiration, and play! 

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Big Li'l E Mentorship Program

The Big Li’l E Mentorship Program (with the "E" standing for "Emersonian") is the first resource offered to incoming Performing Arts students. Current Performing Arts student mentors (Big E's) are selected to mentor incoming undergraduate and graduate Performing Arts students (Li’l E’s) as they begin their degree program at Emerson. The goal of the program is to guide incoming Performing Arts students through their first Academic Year, and beyond. 

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The Emerson College Performing Arts Production Opportunities Portal (ecPApop) is designed to encourage conversations amongst students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community organizations, with the goal of making connections to create, discuss, and discover theatre.

This portal allows users to create their own posts about opportunities and updates and share them with Emerson students, faculty, and staff, and vice versa, with alumni and theatrical affiliates. Users are able to tag the appropriate “corner” of the theatrical community as their intended audience on every post they submit. Submissions will be screened by the Department of Performing Arts staff prior to being posted.

As a subscriber, a user can track their posts and make revisions as necessary, as well as control how often to receive updates from the site. We encourage you to become a weekly subscriber!

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