At Emerson College, we believe that great comedy stems from a huge bank of knowledge. Our undergraduate Comedic Arts program features an intense focus on comedy, while remaining rooted in the liberal arts by exposing you to a wide range of perspectives.

Bachelor’s Program in Comedic Arts

The on-campus Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Comedic Arts is the first degree of its kind in the country. You’ll become immersed in a hands-on and multifaceted exploration of comedy, learning to practice the craft while exploring its historical, cultural, and theoretical dimensions as a global art form.

In addition to coursework with outstanding faculty, students can:

Comedic Arts in Los Angeles Semester

Spend the fall semester of your junior year at Emerson's innovative Los Angeles campus and prepare to launch your career in comedy through three pillars of the Comedic Arts Program:

Performance: Train for the stage and screen with in-depth character development and sketch performance.

Production: Learn more about the “behind the scenes” aspects of making comedic productions.

Writing: Learn how to punch-up scripts and find the funny in everything you write.

Starting in Fall 2023, first-semester juniors in the Comedic Arts major will spend a semester at Emerson Los Angeles, where they will engage in an immersive 4-course, 16-credit conservatory-style field of study. The purpose of this semester is to give students the opportunity to study comedy writing, performance, and production classes that take advantage of the vast network of industry resources and professionals that are unique to the LA area. The LA Junior Semester is now required for all Comedic Arts majors as of Fall 2023 (the program is optional for students who started the major in Fall 2021 or 2022).

Expected Courses

Performing Sketch Comedy
Finding the Funny: Comedic Scene Study for TV
Creating Comedy #Content
Funny Business: Building a Career in Comedy

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Our Comedic Arts curriculum integrates courses in writing, performance, production, and comedic studies. We draw our courses and distinguished faculty from the academic departments of Visual and Media Arts; Performing Arts; and Writing, Literature, and Publishing. After striking a balance between writing, performance, and production in your first two years, you may choose to concentrate your studies in one or more of these arenas beginning in your junior year. Click the button to view the course requirements for the Comedic Arts major.

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Learn more about the program, including application instructions, on the Comedic Arts major page.