Media Studies Minor

The Media Studies minor consists of 16 credits.

The minor in Media Studies offers non-VMA majors an opportunity to take a variety of courses in media history, theory, and criticism. This minor requires 16 credits and is not open to Visual and Media Arts Majors

All students are required to take:

  • VM 201 - Media, Arts and Culture (4 credits)

Students select three of the following 4-credit courses:

  • VM 280 - Global Media* 
  • VM 301 - Post-Colonial Cinema
  • VM 303 - Studies in Digital Media and Culture
  • VM 304 - History of Documentary
  • VM 305 - History of Experimental/Avant-Garde
  • VM 306 - Topics in Film and Television Genres
  • VM 307 - Communication Ethics and Cultural Diversity
  • VM 308 - Cinema and Social Change
  • VM 309 - Race: In and Out of Hollywood
  • VM 310 - Introduction to Television Culture
  • VM 311 - Latin American Cinema
  • VM 312 - Silent Hollywood
  • VM 400 - Topics in Visual and Media Arts: Studies
  • VM 407 - Children’s Media
  • VM 412 - American Film Comedy
  • VM 413 - Postmodernism and the Media
  • VM 417 - Communication Ethics
  • VM 418 - Transnational Asian Cinemas

*VM 280 (Global Media) has no prerequisites.

Art History Minor

This minor focuses on the study of art as part of the human experience, examining artistic cultures across time and within different social and political contexts. Students have opportunities to study the history, theory, and criticism of visual arts from around the world. Courses in the minor encompass art and architecture from diverse and varied eras, geographical regions, and cultures.

The minor consists of four courses (16 credits) chosen from the following courses. No more than 4 credits may also count toward the Liberal Arts requirement.

Historical Surveys

Select at least two:

  • VM 210 - History of Renaissance and Baroque Art
  • VM 211 - History of 18th- and 19th-Century Art
  • VM 212 - History of Modern Art in Europe and America
  • VM 213 - History of Art After World War II
  • VM 214 - History of East Asian Arts
  • VM 215 - History of South Asian Arts
  • VM 216 - History of African and African Diaspora Arts
  • VM 217 - History of Arts of the Americas and the Pacific

Required Course

Select one:

  • VM 409 - Seminar in Art History
  • VM 415 - Seminar in Professional, Curatorial, or Museum Practices

Visual Arts

Students must also successfully complete at least one other course in the Visual Arts (excluding studio arts or production courses). This may include the courses listed above or VM 105, VM 203, VM 205, VM 315, or any pre-approved Interdisciplinary Studies course offered through the Institute.

Comedy Writing and Performance Minor

For students who are focused on developing their skills and knowledge of the comedic arts, this interdisciplinary minor has courses that give students opportunities to work on writing, performing, and studying multiple genres and styles of comedy. Students must earn at least 20 credits (five courses), with courses drawn from the departments of Visual and Media Arts; Performing Arts; and Writing, Literature and Publishing. All students must take two required courses to earn the minor: VM 222 Writing for Television and VM 208 The Evolution of Comedy. Students will then choose three additional classes that will include both writing and performance.

Program Requirements

Required Core Course

Select one:

  • SA 102 - The Evolution of Comedy I
  • SA 103 - The Evolution of Comedy II

Writing & Performance Courses

Select two to three:

  • VM 222 - Writing for Television (Required course)
  • VM 322 - Comedy Writing for Television
  • VM 329 - Comedy Writing for Late Night
  • VM 423 - Writing the TV Pilot
  • VM 429 - The Comedy Writers Room

Select one to two:

  • TH 121 - Introduction to Acting
  • WR 315 - Intermediate Creative Writing: Sketch Troupe
  • WR 315 - Intermediate Creative Writing: Stand-up

Photography Minor

In the Photography Minor program, you will develop your artistic vision and gain fundamental as well as specialized photography skills through an exploration of the histories, theories, and practices of photography and culture. You will engage in experimentation and innovation in both darkroom and digital approaches and produce a body of original work. This minor requires 16 credits.

Required Courses

  • VM 265 - Introduction to Photography 

Select one:

  • VM 203 - History of Photography: 19th Century to the 1970s
  • VM 205 - History of Photography: 1970 to the present

Select one:

  • VM 365 - Darkroom Photography
  • VM 366 - Digital Photography

Elective Courses

Select one:

  • VM 365 - Darkroom Photography (if not used above)
  • VM 366 - Digital Photography (if not used above)
  • VM 367 - Advanced Digital Photography
  • VM 369 - Documentary Photography
  • VM 492 - Photo Practicum