The Office of Undergraduate Admission employs a group of students from multicultural backgrounds to help foster a more diverse community by building connections between current and prospective students from all backgrounds. 

Our Diversity Outreach Interns are eager to ensure you find a sense of belonging and community at Emerson College. They are here to answer questions and offer support as you learn what being an Emersonian is all about.

Contact Us

For more information and to contact our Diversity Outreach Interns, email: admission_doi [at]

Meet the Diversity Outreach Interns

  • Minna Abdel-Gawad headshot
    Pronouns: (She/Her/Hers)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major: Journalism, Music History and Culture Minor
    Hometown: Washington, D.C.
    Fun fact: I met Harry Styles in the Boston Public Gardens

    I’m Minna Abdel-Gawad, a senior Journalism major with a minor in Music History and Culture. During my time at Emerson I have developed a passion for music journalism, covering new music releases and interviewing artists in the Boston area and beyond. Outside of the classroom, I have gotten involved in co-curriculars like Emerson’s radio station, WECB and our lifestyle magazine YourMag.

  • Sofía Farrés headshot
    Pronouns: (She/Her/Hers)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major/Minor: Media Arts Production
    Hometown: Miami, FL
    Fun Fact: My favorite movie of all time is "Tangled"

    My name is Sofí Farrés, and I am a junior at Emerson studying Media Arts Production, Poetry, and Latinx/Latin American Studies. I am also a member of the Honors Program. During my time at Emerson I have written, directed and produced a range of short films and am currently directing  my thesis project, To Be Damned. I have also worked with Emerson Independent Video as well as created my own production company with my best friends, Kitchen Sink Productions.

  • Josue Velasquez headshot
    Pronouns: (He/Him/His)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major: Interdisciplinary Studies
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Fun Fact: I like to skateboard.

    My name's Josue Velazquez. I'm a junior at Emerson in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Through this program, I curated my major: Creative Media Advertising. I am also double minoring in Pre-law and Psychology. I plan to develop crucial skills to help me excel the LSAT exam at the University of California, Los Angeles. I want to join their law school to ultimately become a lawyer. I'm involved in our school's political debate club, Go Beyond, and can't wait to be a part of much more!

  • Stephyne Weathersby headshot
    Pronouns: (She/Her/Hers)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major/Minor: Creative writing
    Hometown: Byram, MS
    Fun Fact: The actress and R&B singer Brandy is my distant cousin! 

    My name is Stephyne Weathersby, and I am a junior Creative Writing major from Byram, Mississippi. I am president of EBONI, which is Emerson’s Black student union. I am also a Resident Assistant in Piano Row. What I love most about Emerson is the creative atmosphere, specifically within the Black community. I have three publications being released in Emerson’s “Flawless Brown” and “Generic Magazine.”

  • Titus Graves headshot
    Pronouns: (He/Him/His)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major/Minor: Sports Communication
    Hometown: Atlanta, GA
    Fun Fact: I have met Lil Yachty and Zendaya

    Hi, my name is Titus Graves, I am a Freshman Sports Communication major. One of the reasons I chose Emerson is because it is located in the center of Boston and its emphasis on community and networking. So far at Emerson, I have joined clubs, such as Emerson Channel Sports, WEBN, Play Call, and EBONI.  Within the next years, I plan on starting my own sports podcast on the WERS Channel at Emerson and on additional streaming platforms.

  • Serenity Holland Headshot
    Pronouns: (She/Her/Hers)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major/Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies: Business, Marketing, and Music
    Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
    Fun Fact: I have been to 16 concerts!

    I’m Serenity Holland, a first-year honors student and interdisciplinary major with a focus in business, marketing and music. During my first semester at Emerson, I was a staff writer for Milk Crate, a music publication under WECB, reviewing albums and discussing some of my favorite songs! Being at Emerson has allowed me to nurture my passions and discover new ones in a loving community. In the future, I plan to study at Kasteel Well in the Netherlands, and participate in dance orgs!

  • Anna Grace Uehlein headshot
    Pronouns: (She/Her/Hers)
    Diversity Outreach Intern

    Major/Minor: Theatre & Performance
    Hometown: Washington, D.C.
    Fun Fact: I went to boarding school for my senior year of high school

    Hi! My name is Anna Grace Uehlein, and I’m a Freshman here at Emerson in the Theatre & Performance major, as well as the Honors program. During my first semester I performed in a student production with Rareworks Theatre Company, one of Emerson’s many student theatre organizations, as well as in an independent short film. I’m so excited to be involved in even more creative endeavors at Emerson such as dance, filmmaking, modeling, music, and more!

Discover Your Organizations

Emerson College has a variety of organizations on campus to support the needs and interests of our increasingly diverse community. Explore some of our intercultural organizations.

Emerson College Student Organizations

Access: Student Disability Union

Emerson’s student disability union.

Access Student Disability Union Logo

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Boston-wide Everloving, Everlasting Epsilon chapter of the nation’s first Black sorority.

AKA Logo

AMIGOS: Organización Latina

AMIGOS ("friends") Organización Latina is dedicated to bringing the Latino/e & Hispanic culture to campus. 

Amigos Logo

Asian Students in Alliance (ASIA)

Home to any Emerson student who self-identifies as Asian and/or Pacific Islander


Chinese Student Association

Promotes a welcoming environment to Chinese students at Emerson and those who wish to learn more about Chinese culture.

Chinese Student Logo


Founded in 2018 as the first Mandarin Chinese theater community of Emerson College. 


Delta Sigma Theta

Boston-wide Iota chapter of New England’s first Black sorority.

Delta Sigma Theta Logo

Emerson Christian Fellowship

An interdenominational organization at Emerson College that helps students grow in their faith, develop a Christian community on campus, and serve both the Emerson community and the community of Boston at large. 

Emerson Christian Fellowship Logo

Emerson’s Advancement Group for Love and Expression (EAGLE)

A space for queer students and their allies to find community.

eagle logo

Emerson’s Black Organization with Natural Interest (EBONI)

Dedicated to the political, professional, and cultural reawakening of students of African descent within the Emerson community. 


Emerson’s Mystic

A space for community, learning, and practice of alternative spirituality including but not limited to witchcraft, paganism, polytheism, and various global practices that utilize spellcraft.

Emerson's Mystic Logo

First Gen E-M

A social and resourceful organization for First Generation, First Generation American, and low-income students at Emerson College. 

First Generation Emerson Logo

Flawless Brown

An artistic collective and sisterhood exclusively for self identifying women and nonbinary people of color.

Flawless Brown Logo


Dedicated to the culture, observance, education, and well-being of Jewish life at Emerson.

"Hillel Emerson College"

Hip Hop Society

Celebrates and spreads hip hop culture with the Emerson community.

Hip Hop in black graffiti with a black graffiti circle around the words

Muslim Student Organization

A space for Muslim students to celebrate their beliefs and spread awareness through the Emerson community.

Muslim SA Logo

Newman Club

Provides opportunities for Catholic students to develop their faith through social, educational, spiritual, and service-oriented events.

Newman club logo

Raíz Latinoamericana Productions

Showcases Latin American artists specializing in magazine publication, film, and theatre created by our very own students.

Raiz Logo


A South Asian cultural organization that aims to promote and celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions of South Asia.

Sathi Logo


Dedicated to creating and keeping a space for students of color who are part of the LGBT+ community.

Spectrum logo

The SkinTones

Acapella group for people of color that performs music of people of color. 

Skin Tones Logo


A genderqueer volunteer, social, and professional organization, dedicated to providing a safe space for non-binary and gender non-conforming students on campus.

THeyta logo

Zeta Phi Beta

Boston-wide Delta Omicron chapter of historic Black sorority.


Office of Intercultural Student Affairs

Emerson’s Office of Intercultural Student Affairs centers humanity, compassion, and education at the forefront of everything we do. We honor, celebrate, and validate the narratives of marginalized voices, and in turn, support community-based advocacy, reflection, and action.

The Social Justice Collaborative

The Social Justice Collaborative works with and supports individuals and communities through personal and systems advocacy, community-centered projects, and radical care. We believe in individual and community self-determination, and work in support of the agency of students, faculty, and staff, especially those from marginalized groups. The offices housed within the Social Justice Collaborative are: 

Office of International Student Affairs

The Office of International Student Affairs at Emerson provides immigration and campus support services for Emerson’s international student community and promotes campus organizations, events, and initiatives that reflect Emerson’s global voice.