A resume serves as a high-level summary of an individual's skills and experience, providing employers with insights into your potential fit for a particular role. Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, it’s important to craft a well-tailored resume for each position. The key is to ensure that your resume aligns with the requirements of the positions you are applying for. As you create your drafts, it's essential to include relevant sections and details that highlight your education, work experience, skills, and achievements.

To optimize your resume-building process, it's beneficial to review helpful tips and resources outlined specifically for undergraduate and graduate students. We encourage you to seek guidance from your career advisors and the online resume review portal to shape a resume that showcases your strengths and makes you stand out as a strong candidate. Remember, a well-crafted resume can significantly impact your chances of securing job opportunities and advancing your career goals!

Resume Writing Tips for Undergrad Students

The Career Center provides resources, counseling, and online resume reviews to change your resume from good to great, based on your industry and experience.

CV Writing Tips

The Career Center offers resources, counseling, and online CV reviews for making your CV stand out, based on your experience and whatever you want to do next.