Global Pathways Program: France (8 Credits)

This summer education abroad program provides students with an immersive experience in French language and culture, set in the idyllic Provencal town of Aix-en-Provence, France. Students have the opportunity to purse any level of French instruction at the Beginner or Intermediate levels at the international school IS-Aix.

Depending on the level taken, students will receive 4 credits for either LF 101, LF 102, LF 201, or LF 202 (pass/fail only). Students live with French families and take a 4 credit companion course, CC 290, Global Communication. Additional summer tuition.

Kasteel Well Foreign Language Instruction (1 or 4 Credits)

LF 101 Elementary French is offered as a regular 4 credit course every semester as part of the Emerson tuition. Also, in partnership with the language school of the University of Nijmegen (Radboud), Kasteel Well offers students the opportunity to take a 1-credit language course, for an additional $500 fee, in Italian (beginning) and Spanish (beginning and intermediate).

Emerson LA Course: LS 205, Applied Spanish in the Workplace (4 Credits)

Interested students studying for a semester at the Emerson LA campus have the opportunity to take LS205, Applied Spanish in the Workplace, as part of the Emerson tuition.

ProArts Consortium (3 Credits)

Through cross-registration with partner institutions in the ProArts Consortium, students can register, as part of the Emerson tuition, for the following foreign language courses offered at the beginner and intermediate levels (depending upon availability).

  • Berklee College of Music: French, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish
  • New England Conservatory: French, German, Italian

Learn more about the ProArts Consortium

Emerson International Institutional Agreements

A variety of opportunities for language study are available through institutional partnerships around the world developed by Emerson’s Office of Internationalization and Equity. Students enroll in a fulltime course load, including the language study, as part of the Emerson tuition.

Blanquerna University-Ramon Llull (Barcelona, Spain)

Credit-Bearing Courses (4-credits)

  • Arabic I and Arabic II
  • French I, French 2, French 3 and French 4
  • Non-Credit Bearing Courses:
  • Blanquerna University-Ramon Llull offers free Catalan and Spanish courses to all international exchange students. These courses also offer ECTS credits (2 ECTS for each course and each semester of matriculation).

Hong Kong Baptist University

Credit-Bearing Courses (3-credits)

  • FREN1005 French 1 and FREN 1006 French II
  • FREN1007 Introductory French Language and Culture
  • FREN 2005 French III
  • GERM 1005 German I and GERM 1006 German II
  • JPSE 1005 Japanese I and JPSE 1006 Japanese II
  • JPSE 1007 Exploring Japanese Language, Culture and Society
  • SPAN 1005 Spanish I. SPAN 1006 Spanish II, and SPAN 1007 Spanish III

Lingnan University (Hong Kong)

Credit-bearing courses (3-credits)

  • FRE 1102 French I and FRE 1202 French II
  • JAP 1102 Japanese I, JAP 1202 Japanese II, and JAP 1302 Japanese III
  • KOR 1102 Korean I, KOR 1202 Korean II
  • SPA 1102 Spanish I, SPA 1202 Spanish II

Non-credit bearing courses

  • FRE 1101 French (Beginner)
  • JAP 1101 Japanese (Beginner), JAP 1201 (Post-Beginner), JAP 1301 (Intermediate)
  • KOR 1101 Korean (Beginner), KOR 1201 (Post-Beginner), KOR 1301 (Intermediate)
  • SPA 1101 Spanish (Beginner), SPA 1201 (Post-Beginner)

World Languages Perspective (8 Credits)

Courses in this perspective teach students to express themselves in the target language using a range of lexical items and grammatical constructions, demonstrate a growing ability to comprehend information and ideas as well as a variety of textual production, and obtain an appreciation and understanding of the culture affiliated with the target language.

Students must demonstrate qualification (i.e., the completion of an Elementary II-level course) in a single foreign language or in American Sign Language. Bilingual students or students who complete up to the third level of high school study in any one foreign language will have the World Language requirement waived.

Choose from the following courses:

  • CD 162: American Sign Language I
  • CD 208: American Sign Language II
  • CD 309: American Sign Language III
  • CD 409: American Sign Language IV
  • LF 101: Elementary French I
  • LF 102: Elementary French II
  • LF 201: Intermediate French I
  • LF 202: Intermediate French II
  • LS 101: Elementary Spanish I
  • LS 102: Elementary Spanish II
  • LS 201: Intermediate Spanish
  • ILS 202: Intermediate Spanish II

Interested in other programs?

Students wishing to explore other foreign language options abroad that are not listed on this page should contact the Office of Education Abroad & Domestic Programs at studyabroad [at] (studyabroad[at]emerson[dot]edu).