Emerson College students may elect to study abroad with non-affiliated international education abroad programs.

Emerson College does not have an "approved list" of education abroad programs or program providers. The program you select must be owned and operated by a regionally accredited U.S. educational institution or have an affiliation with an accredited U.S. institution [a U.S. school of record]. Students interested in non-affiliated programs must meet with an education abroad advisor prior to beginning their program search.

All education abroad transfer credit must be pre-approved by the Registrar’s Office. Approval of coursework for transfer, particularly within the major, is not automatic, even with an accredited program.

Emerson College does not allow the transfer of Emerson grants, scholarships or financial aid to non-affiliated education abroad programs. Generally, federal and state aid, and outside scholarships may be transferred. Students who wish to apply for aid must fill out the Consortium/Contractual Agreement for Financial Aid.

Emerson students are NOT allowed to spend their final semester at a non-Emerson program. The final 16 credits must be completed at Emerson.

The deadline for Spring, including the Consortium Agreement for Financial Aid, is October 1. For Summer and Fall the deadline for submission is March 15

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Procedure for Non-Affiliated Education Abroad Programs

Students who wish to study abroad through a non-Emerson education abroad program must:

  1. Meet with an advisor in the Emerson Education Abroad and Domestic Programs Office to discuss education abroad options and procedures. 
  2. Select a study abroad program/institution that carries U.S. regional accreditation or has a school of record that carries U.S. regional accreditation.
  3. Meet with the Registrar's Office to discuss your plans for coursework while abroad. Pay careful attention to transfer credit limits. Transfer credit is granted for comparable coursework completed at accredited institutions with a grade of "C" or better.
  4. Fill out a Non-Affiliated Programs application on Horizons by October 1 for spring programs and March 15 for summer and fall programs.
  5. If seeking financial aid, complete and submit the Consortium/Contractual Agreement for Financial Aid to the Office of Financial Aid. Please note that Emerson scholarships and grants cannot be used while on an approved consortium agreement.
  6. Notify the Emerson Registrar’s Office and the Education Abroad and Domestic Programs Office if enrollment changes.
  7. Attend the pre-departure orientation the semester before studying abroad. For more information please email abroad [at] emerson.edu (abroad[at]emerson[dot]edu).

Suggested non-affiliated program providers: 


AIFS Abroad
Advanced Studies in England
American University of Paris
Arcadia Abroad
Boston University
IES Abroad


American University of Rome
Anglo-American University in Prague
Barcelona SAE
CET Academic Programs
CIS Abroad
DIS Abroad
Fairfield University
John Cabot University (Rome)
Semester at Sea
Temple University

Additional options can be found at gooverseas.com

Financial Assistance/Scholarships

Non-affiliated program providers might also have their own merit and financial-need based scholarships.