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Education Abroad and Domestic Programs
Walker Building: 10th Floor
120 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116-4624


Phone: 617-824-8567
Email: castle [at] emerson.edutitle="Email Kasteel Well"

Kasteel Well

Mailing Address (Letters Only)

Kasteel Well
Kasteellaan 20
5855 AE Well (L)
The Netherlands

Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

OSA Staff work from 8:15 a.m. to 11:15 p.m. (Dutch Time). Due to the flexible nature of their job, they are often out of the office. It is best to reach them by email at osa_castle [at] emerson.edutitle="Email the Office of Student Affairs at Kasteel Well" for non-urgent matters.

Telephone Numbers

Office Telephone: 011-31-478-507-117 (from U.S.) **
Emergency Telephone: 011-31-478-507-119 ***

** The Netherlands is six hours ahead of Boston, or Eastern Standard Time.
*** In case of serious emergency, family members may call 011-31-478-507-119.

Mailing Packages to Kasteel Well

You must use one of the following commercial services: FedEx, DHL, or the U.S. Postal Service. The castle does not accept packages delivered by UPS.

Based on the customs value of what is being shipped, there may be significant costs associated with customs duties and taxes. The import duty tax may be as high as 19% of the value of the items being shipped. There will be delays or difficulties for the student in receiving the package unless it is noted on the airway bill that taxes and duties be billed to the sender, not the recipient. Any parcel that requires a payment or customs taxes and duties will be rejected and students will receive notification to contact the delivery company for details.

Address packages as follows (leave "Kasteel Well" off the package label)

Sample Kasteel Well Package Mailing Label

Name (Student Name)
Street Address Kasteellaan 20
Town or City Well
Postal Code 5855 AE
Province Limburg
Country The Netherlands


*If the medication is produced in the United States, it is considered "unregistered" in the Netherlands. Sending unregistered medicine to the Netherlands by mail is prohibited! Please view the Health Insurance Requirement section of our website for further information.

Returning to the US: Customs Duty on European Purchases

From US Customs and Border Patrol Website: "If you are returning from countries other than the Caribbean countries or U.S. insular possession you are entitled to an $800 duty-free exemption and the next $1,000 worth of the goods you purchased is subject to a flat rate of 3%. If the value exceeds $1,800, the remaining duty will be determined based on duty rates in the harmonized tariff schedule, which are generally between 0–10% (except for clothing and textiles, which can be much higher, up to 25%)"