Fall and Spring Offerings

Classes are taught by European faculty and often have a European focus. Many of the courses may spur incentive to visit the places you have studied in class.

For instance: Kafka and Prague, Michelangelo and Rome, La Langue Française et Paris, Shakespeare and London, and many other interesting historic sites. All classes are scheduled Monday mornings through Thursday late afternoons. Two academic excursions, under faculty guidance, may bring you to cities such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, or Madrid.

The castle campus is small and intimate, and contact with professors may extend beyond the classroom. Many come from different national backgrounds. For example: Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, etc. Be prepared that some faculty members may not allow computers in class, so learn how to work with notebook and pen.

Course Load

All fall and spring students are required to take a full course load of 16 credits, plus a 1-credit, non-tuition course.

Fall and Spring Student Requirements

  • Every Kasteel Well student must register for a 1-credit, non-tuition course: HI 100 Introduction to the History of the Netherlands and the City of Amsterdam
  • This course is an online course that begins before departure to The Netherlands
  • Students must pass a two-part test related to this course


Course Number Course Name
CC 204 Communication and Cultural Identity in a Global Perspective: The Netherlands
FL 101 Spanish Lang Studies
FL 102 Italian Language
HI 100 Euro Hist, Culture and Art
HI 200 Contemporary World History
HI 208 Europe in Wartime: Conflicts of the 20th Century
HS 201 Sophomore Honors Seminar 3
JR 250 Law for Journalists
JR 251 Ethics for Journalists
LF 101 Elementary French 1
LI 204 Topics in Literature: Dystopian and Utopian Outlooks on Technology and Human Progress
LI 211 Topics in Global Lit: Identities in Transit—Travel, Migration, (Post) Colonialism & Transnationalism
LI 216 Literature of the Gothic
MK 222 Brands, Organizations and Strategies
MU 201 History of Music: European
PH 105 Introduction to Ethics
PH 204 Environmental Ethics
SO 210 Topics in Sociology/Anthropology: Topics in Society: Religion, Society and Conflict
TH 216 Topics in Drama, Theatre, and Culture: Modern Theatre in the Low Countries 1970 and Beyond
TH 221 Scene Study 1
VM 200 Media Criticism and Theory
VM 203 History of Photography: 19th Century to the 1970's
VM 210 Renaissance and Baroque Art
VM 212 History of Western Art III: Modern
VM 220 Writing Short Subject
VM 222 Writing for Television
WR 320 Travel Writing

As of 9/11/2020. Subject to change.


Course Number Course Name
CC 203 Intercultural Communication
HI 100 Topics in European History, Culture and Art: Introduction to the Netherlands and the City of Amsterdam (1-credit, non-tuition course taken by all)
HI 200 Contemporary World History
HI 208 Europe in Wartime
JR 206 Topics, Critical Issues in Journalism
LF 101 Elementary French I
LI 203 Literatures in English
LI 204 Topics in Literature: European Literature
LI 211 Topics in Literature: Gender, Race and Diaspora in Postcolonial Texts
MK 221 Messages, Media, and Channels (prerequisite: MK 121 and sophomore standing) Spring Only
MU 256 Deconstructing Twentieth-Century Art Music (attendance at a minimum of 3 concerts is required for an additional cost)
PH 204 Environmental Ethics
SC 212 Evolution of Human Nature
SO 210 Topics in Sociology
TH 216 World Drama in Its Context II
TH 222 Acting IV - Ensemble Acting and Performance (prerequisites: TH 221 or permission)
VM 200 Media Criticism and Theory (prerequisites: VM 101 and VM 120 )
VM 203 History of Photography
VM 210 History of Western Art I: Renaissance & Baroque
VM 220 Writing the Short Subject (prerequisites: VM 101 and VM 120)
VM 222 Writing for Television (prerequisites: VM 101 and VM 120)
WR 320 Travel Writing

As of December 7, 2018. Subject to change.