For Students

Due to limited time and availability, Counseling Services utilizes a brief treatment approach. Many students choose to seek therapists or other care providers outside of Emerson for ongoing therapy. The Counseling Services staff is happy to help you find a provider who fits your needs. Refer to the following steps to help you get started:

  • Call Counseling Services at 617-824-8666 to talk about referrals with a clinician on the phone or in person.
  • Call your insurance provider (number on the back of your card) and ask for more information about behavioral health care coverage.
  • Visit your health insurance website to search for behavioral/mental health care providers in the area.
  • Visit a search database to find a provider based on various criteria such as insurance, location, specialty, and therapeutic needs:

For Providers

If you are a therapist or psychiatrist in the area and are interested in seeing Emerson students at your practice, please email counselingservices [at] (counselingservices[at]emerson[dot]edu) to be added to our referral list.