Emerson Wellness Center welcomes and affirms gender diversity. Our center offers medical and mental health services to students who are transgender, gender expansive, non-binary, and students questioning their gender identity. Our staff have experience providing gender affirming care to students and we can offer general healthcare, hormone therapy through an informed consent model, and counseling. 


Your care at Emerson Wellness Center is confidential. If you have questions about confidentiality visit our Confidentiality & Patient Rights page.

Name, Email and ID Change

Emerson recognizes that students may not use the name that they were assigned at birth. We also understand the variety of reasons why students may not go through a legal name change, but wish to have their records reflect their chosen name. As such, Emerson College has procedures in place to assist students who wish to update their email addresses, academic class listings, and ID cards with their known name.

For questions or to begin the process, please visit Name Update Considerations for Transgender and Non-Binary Students. For International students, please visit the Name Standards website.

Students who have gone through a legal name change process and wish to update their official College records, including email address, academic record, diploma, and ID card can follow the Registrar’s Name & Gender Change Policy.

Both the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition and the Massachusetts Court System have information about changing your legal name in Massachusetts. 

Inclusive Housing: "Gender Neutral Housing"

Please visit the Office of Housing & Residence Education's Gender Neutral Housing website for information regarding the commitment, application, and review process.

Inclusive Restrooms

All single-stall restrooms at Emerson have been designated inclusive restrooms with appropriate signage and may be used by any person. Additionally, select multi-stall restrooms in high-traffic areas have been designated multi-stall inclusive restrooms, meaning any person of any gender can use them. These multi-stall restrooms are on:

  • Walker 3, 5, 6
  • Ansin 2, 6, 8
  • Piano Row Lower Level
  • Paramount 3 and 4
  • Little Building Student Performance Center

We encourage all members of the Emerson Community to use the restroom that best reflects their gender identity.

General HealthCare, Counseling, and Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy

Emerson Wellness Center provides transgender/gender non-conforming students with primary care, including counseling and gender-affirming hormone therapy. Our clinicians are available to provide information and prescribe hormone therapy in collaboration with Counseling Services. Our Counseling Services team will provide consultations to students wanting to initiate hormone therapy. Health Services can also administer and monitor hormones prescribed by your outside healthcare provider. Additionally, we can refer you to local providers who can provide more comprehensive gender affirming care, including surgical services.

Nurse Eli Bobrowich, RN, and our clinical staff are available to help patients with hormone management including injections, and are also available to help patients with any concerns that may arise. Email: healthservices [at] emerson.edu or call (617) 824-8666.

Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cigna (GBFA) medical insurances provide comprehensive services including surgical interventions for policyholders. Please visit the University Health Plans website for additional information regarding health insurance benefits. Contact University Health Plans at 833-251-1726 with further questions.

Legal Services


What gender affirming care does BCBS Emerson cover? Cigna (Global BFA students)? What gender affirming care does my health insurance cover? 

Health insurance carriers may vary in the coverage provided for gender affirming hormone therapy, surgical interventions, hair removal, and other services. All health insurances are required to cover sex specific preventative care services to members. Please contact your insurance carrier for more information by calling the number on the insurance card or visiting their website.

I am on my parent or guardian’s health insurance, how can I protect my privacy? 

The Protect Access to Confidential Healthcare (PATCH) Act allows you to choose how and where your health insurance company sends your summary of payment (SOP) or Explanation of Benefits (EOB), an explanation of services sent from your insurance company after your healthcare visit.  Please contact your health insurance carrier to make changes to your address and contact information.

Is vocal therapy available?

Gender affirming vocal therapy is available throughout the school year at no cost to Emerson College Students through the Robbins Center at Emerson College. If you are interested in vocal therapy, we recommend reaching out to the Robbins Center at the beginning of each semester so you can set up an intake. Vocal therapy appointments can be done in person or virtually. Please see the link below for more information: Gender Affirming Voice and Communication Training Program

Where can I pick up my prescriptions?

Prescriptions will be sent to your pharmacy of choice. Certain formulations of hormone therapy including injections, gels, and patches may require a Prior Authorization before approval by the insurance. In some cases, certain hormone formulations may be sent to specialized pharmacies such as Fenway Health to ensure quicker access.

Where can I dispose of my sharps?

You can bring your sharps to Emerson Wellness Center (Union Bank building 3rd floor) for disposal. There are other area organizations that accept sharps (policies may vary depending on location.)

  • Boston-Area Sharps Disposal:
    AIDS Action Committee (In Lobby)
    75 Amory St, Roxbury, MA 02119
    (617) 437-6200

  • Boston Healthcare for the Homeless (In Lobby)
    780 Albany Street Boston, MA 02118
    (857) 654-1641

  • Project Trust (Inside building)
    721 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02118

  • Walgreens Community Pharmacy
    21-23 Stanhope St Boston MA 02116

Outside of Boston: Visit this website for drop-off needle disposal locations around Massachusetts 

What counseling services are available?

Counseling Services provides short-term therapy to  students to help them explore a variety of issues including identity, relationships, personal concerns, adjustment and others that may impact their college experience. This may include exploration of gender-affirming care.

I've been told I need to talk to a therapist before I start hormones. Why is that?

At EWC, we require a consultation with Counseling Services before initiating hormone therapy. Though we recognize this is an extra step, we value providing holistic care and planning for you that incorporates considerations of your safety, well-being, and social, emotional, and mental health. At your consultation, you can expect to discuss your supports, resources, and potential impacts of anticipated physical and emotional changes. This is a reflective conversation, not an evaluation that will determine if you will receive hormone therapy or not.  

We do not require patients to engage in ongoing mental health therapy (though you are welcome to if you want!) Counseling Services offers short-term individual therapy, as well as group programming, urgent care, consultations and community outreach events. Needing to see a therapist, as part of your transition, does not disqualify you from pursuing hormone therapy.

If you do not wish to engage in a consultation with Counseling Services, we are happy to share this list of local healthcare providers who also prescribe hormone therapy.

What does "persistent, documented" gender dysphoria mean?

It can be difficult to disclose your experience of your own gender to a clinician - especially when you aren't sure whether they will understand your experience. Based on the most current medical guidelines, "persistent" is typically defined as having experienced gender dysphoria for at least 6 months. The "documentation" is taken care of by your provider during their conversation with you. This is why our informed consent process includes talking about your gender identity development over time.

I have a serious medical condition. Can I start hormones and deal with my other health issues later?

You do not have to be in perfect health to start hormones. Your provider will be thinking about your overall health when deciding when to start hormones, and which medications might be best for you. Your provider will work with you if they determine that hormones may destabilize your physical or behavioral health condition.

Why is my friend on a different dose or method of hormones than me?

Your patient centered plan will differ from others even though you may have similar gender affirmation goals. Everybody is different including baseline hormone production. Bodies also respond differently to hormone therapy. Your care will be an ongoing conversation with your provider.

What is Emerson’s student-athlete policy for sport participation?

Emerson is a NCAA Division III college and adheres to the Transgender Student-Athlete Participation Policy. Please contact the Athletic Department with questions: athletics [at] emerson.edu or call 617-824-3243


At Emerson

Hormone Care Local Resources

Support Groups

  • Fenway Health Groups: Drop-In Group for Parents / Prospective Parents who are Trans / Gender non-conforming / Non-binary. Meets 1st Thursday Of Each Month, 7-8:30PM. Meet with other parents to build support and community. Partners/spouses and young children welcome. No charge and no childcare provided. https://fenwayhealth.org/care/medical/transgender-health/youth/
    • Support Groups are open to trans, non-binary, questioning, or other gender diverse identified people ages 18+. You do not need to be a patient of Fenway Health to attend.
  • Compass: Compass is a New England area female-to-male (FTM) trans support, information, and social group for people assigned female at birth who feel that is not an accurate or complete description of their gender. For more information, e-mail: info [at] compassftm.org
  • MASSBATS: Peer led support group for trans/non-binary, gender expansive people (late teens – mid 30s) for ongoing support. 
  • NAGLY Groups: NAGLY is a North Shore based group that provides support & support groups to LGBTQ+ youth up to age 23. 
  • Trans Club of New England (formerly Tiffany Club of New England): TCNE’s primary mission is that of being a social and support club for transgender individuals in the New England area.