Undergraduate students who enroll in summer classes of study abroad programs can apply for summer assistance. There are several different types of summer aid processes:

Below is a breakdown of how the application and disbursement process works for students enrolling in the summer term:


You should complete the 2022–2023 FAFSA and the Summer Financial Aid Application by April 1 in order to be awarded by the summer billing due date. If you register after the summer billing deadline, tuition payment is due at the time you register.

If you are attending a global pathways program during Summer 2022, you will need to complete the Summer Study Abroad Application in addition to completing your 2022–2023 FAFSA and Summer Financial Aid Application by February 28.

International students applying for Summer Study Abroad funds should complete the Summer Study Abroad Application and the Study Abroad International Student Household Budget form by February 28.

The ELA Summer Award

The ELA Summer Award is valued at $1,250, and is made available to any student accepted into the Summer ELA Program provided they enroll in 8 credits for the term. This Award can be combined with other forms of summer federal financial aid (not institutional). Students wishing to pursue additional federal financial aid for Summer 2022 must complete a 2022-2023 FAFSA and a Summer Aid Application. In order to qualify for federal financial aid in the summer term, all 8 credits must count toward the student’s overall degree program requirements. 

The ELA Summer Award is not applicable to the Emtern program or its participants. This award is applicable to the Summer ELA Program for Summer 2022, and cannot be transferred to any other future term (Fall, Spring, or Summer) or any other program outside of this ELA program.  


Although Summer is treated as two separate academic sessions, it is considered one financial assistance term and therefore, only one summer disbursement.

Our office considers the total number of credits taken during both Summer 1 and 2 terms when calculating eligibility. A student must be enrolled in at least 8 credits before any aid is disbursed. For example, if you take 4 credits in Summer 1 and 4 in Summer 2, your aid will disburse in Summer 2. If you take 8 or more credits in Summer 1, your aid will disburse in Summer 1.

Registration & Payment

Summer tuition payments are due April 15. If you register after April 15, payment is due at the time you register. 

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Prerequisite Courses Before Entering a Degree Program

When you enroll for required prerequisites, you are not eligible to receive most educational loan programs because you are not yet matriculated in a degree program. However, Emerson does have some programs for which you may be eligible. Please contact us for more information.