Forms for Graduate Student Reimbursement

Graduate Students and Graduate Student Organizations who have been approved for funding should use the following forms to request reimbursement.

If you have questions about PDGs, Mini-Grants, or GSO funding, please e-mail the GSA at gsainfo [at] emerson.edutitle="Email the Graduate Student Association".

The following are current campus-based Graduate Student Organizations that can receive funding from the Graduate Student Association. If you have an idea for a group based on a program or topic not covered on this list, please e-mail the GSA at gsainfo [at] emerson.edutitle="Email the Graduate Student Association".

Graduate Student Organizations

Bilingual Language and Literacy Investigative and Networking Group (BLLING)

Department: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Executive Board

  • President: Esquilín Nieves
  • Vice President: Emily Martinez-Figueroa


Robin Danzak

CSD Student Advocacy Board

The purpose of the CSD SAB is twofold. First, it is to provide students with a means to have their voice heard by the CSD faculty and staff (including both on-campus and Speech@Emerson modalities) through student representatives. Second, it aims to serve as a social hub for students to network, bond, and support each other. This group is designed to raise awareness of student concerns, ask questions on behalf of students, and provide positive feedback regarding the CSD programs to CSD faculty and staff as well as foster a sense of community among students.


Thomas Williams

Vice President

Ioana Sarbu


Lourdes Valdez


Shela Howe

Student Correspondent

Mollie Brown

Emerson College Book Club

The aim of the book club would be to provide a space and a community for graduate students to read, review, and discuss books among one another. The book club would aim to read one book a month, choosing books that deal with important issues including stories from LGBT+, BIPOC, and women authors. The book club would be a fun and welcoming place for all graduate students to come together as a community and read wonderful works of writing.


Madison Muschalek

Vice President

Robin Van Impe

Graduate Reading Series

Department: Writing, Literature & Publishing

Executive Board

  • Fatima Jafar

Faculty Advisors

Jabari Asim

International Graduate Student Organization

The International Graduate Student Organization (IGSO) is dedicated to enhancing the campus experience for international graduate students and serving their specific needs. The IGSO provides a base for social interaction and networking opportunities such as festivals, food fests, workshops, and meetings. Bridging the gap between international and domestic students, and promoting conversation between these two communities, are also major goals of the IGSO.

Read the IGSO Constitution

President and Operations Manager

Ekaterina (Kate) Dubovikova

Vice-President and Event Manager

Yu-Chin (Daisy) Kao

Secretary and Promotions Manager

Pei-Tung (Patricia) Lin


Jeremy Heflin

Connect with IGSO

  • igso.emerson [at] (Email)target="_blank" title="E-mail IGSO"
  • Facebook

Media Design Consortium

The purpose of Civic Media: Art and Practice Consortium (CMAP) is to provide Emerson graduate students with a base for professional interaction and social connection; to encourage and promote the values of the Media Design Program: to provide effective channels for supporting civic engagement in the local Boston community; to connect Emerson graduate students with projects and learning experiences of the Emerson Engagement Lab; to sponsor educational lectures featuring scholars and professionals in the areas of civic media, visual media art, civic engagement and game design; to encourage and promote professional development through the sponsorship of grants; and to recognize outstanding Media Design graduate students. Media Design Consortium membership will expose members to speakers, activities, and events dealing with government, international aid organizations and community-based organizations, preparing them for a variety of roles as creative leaders, makers and thinkers.

Read CMAP Constitution


Emerson Holloway


Neve Chambers


Adrian Zachman


Paul Ochoa Tovar


Paul Mihailidis

MFA Production Collaborative

Department: Visual & Media Arts


Michael Selig

Page Turner Magazine

The purpose of Page Turner Magazine is to showcase the diverse creative conscience of Emerson students and alumni by publishing their popular fiction and art in digital and print form. Page Turner Magazine will give Emerson students, staff, and alumni a vibrant, professional place in which to publish short works of genre fiction annually. PTM will uphold a standard of wonder, quality, and diversity in all work to represent the Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing program at Emerson

Executive Board

  • Editor-in-Chief/Board Chair: Ghanima Sol

Faculty Advisor 

Kimberly McLarin


PRGrads provides Public Relations graduate students with a base for social and professional interaction. The group encourages and promotes Public Relations graduate student activities, provides effective channels for expression concerning all aspects of department and college life, sponsors educational lectures featuring scholars and professionals in the Public Relations field, encourages and promotes professional development through the sponsorship of grants, and recognizes outstanding Emerson Public Relations graduate students.

Read the PRGrads Constitution


Linda Gallan


Redivider is Emerson’s graduate-student-run national literary magazine. A journal of new literature, Redivider publishes work by new and established writers in all genres including poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and drama, along with reviews, interviews, and occasional recipes. It is published twice yearly; new issues appear each winter and spring. Submissions are welcome year-round.

Faculty Advisors

Jabari Asim

John Rodzvilla

Connect with Redivider

Theatre Education Graduate Association

The Theatre Education Graduate Association (TEGA) is dedicated to providing networking and professional development events for its graduate students, as well as building a strong theatre education graduate community. Annual events include a cabaret, guest speakers, theatre game swaps, workshops, a TEGA production, and an end-of-the-year celebration.

Read the TEGA Constitution

Executive Board

  • Bella Tasha
  • Olivia Sanabria
  • Kelli OBrian

Connect with TEGA


Bethany Nelson

Writers of Color

Department: Writing, Literature & Publishing


Rajiv Mohabir

Executive Board

  • President: ghanima_ganthier [at] (Ghanima Sol)title="Email Ghanima Sol"
  • Vice President: Jessica Sisavath
  • Social Media Representative: Katsumi Sterling

Writers of Color at Emerson creates a space for graduate students in WLP to meet to discuss their experiences in the classroom and to collaborate on their creative pursuits. Writers of Color at Emerson actively engage the broader literary community, support and nurture community in our pages and beyond, and welcome and serve historically underrepresented voices, including those marginalized due to class, gender, race, and sexuality.