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Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

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Communication impacts every human interaction, influencing our relationships and the ability to access what we need. These in turn impact our overall health and wellbeing. The academic programs in Emerson College’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) address communication and health.

About the Department

Housed in Emerson College’s School of Communication, the CSD Department offers undergraduate programs in Communication Disorders and Health and Social Change. We also offer a graduate program, a Communication Disorders Master of Science (MS), in two modalities: in person and online. Both options share the same curriculum and are accredited by the CAA - ASHA.

Communication Disorders faculty are experienced practitioners and dedicated scholars who prepare students for a meaningful and rewarding career in their chosen discipline. Just as important will be students’ experiences outside of the classroom, where they will hone their skills through internships, clinical opportunities, and participation in student organizations.

CSD Commitment to Racial Equity

Emerson College’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders calls upon our community to join us in support of anti-racist, culturally-sustaining, socially just, identity-promoting, and inclusive academic and clinical practices. We stand with minoritized friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors, and commit to social justice and equity across our nation and within our field. We also commit to actively engage in strengthening anti-racist and identity-affirming processes by challenging long-standing processes that perpetuate systemic injustices and violence, as well as barriers to inclusion in our learning spaces and communities.