Any staff member below the level of assistant vice president is eligible for this award.  Nominations are due by the 20th of each month and can be submitted by any staff or faculty member.  Below we have included some tips to help you with writing a nomination for the Award of Excellence.  


To submit a nomination, please click the button below.  A copy of the nomination is sent to the person once you have submitted it.  Nominations are reviewed by the end of the month. Once winners have been determined, the Appreciation and Recognition committee will schedule a time to surprise the recipient(s).

Submit a Nomination Today

While we never discourage nominations, please know that prior winners are not eligible for one year after winning. Appreciation and Recognition committee members are also not eligible to receive the award. 

Tips for Writing a Nomination for the Emerson Award of Excellence

The key to a well-written nomination is providing the selection committee with specific information illustrating how the individual or group’s performance or behavior has had a positive impact on you, your department, or the Emerson community. The Appreciation and Recognition Committee will review nominations on a monthly basis. The more details you are able to provide the more helpful it will be for the committee’s decision-making process.

Please explain in detail why you nominate this staff member or team for an Award of Excellence. Highlight the specific challenges faced, actions taken, results or goals met, or consistent behavior that you would like to recognize. Tell us how this staff member or team has demonstrated excellence in their work or interactions. Include how this staff member or team stands out from others, what they have done to deserve the award, and how their work or interactions impacted you, your department, or the Emerson College community.

Examples of Behaviors to Recognize with an Emerson Award of Excellence

An individual or team who:

  • Listens carefully and respectfully, and uses input from others.
  • Is consistently congenial, respectful, and professional in greeting people and working with others, making everyone feel valued.
  • Responds to inquiries in a timely manner and volunteers additional information or help.
  • Contributes new ideas or suggestions that are thoughtful and meaningful.
  • Consistently focuses on the needs of individuals, community members, the department, division, or the College. 
  • Builds bridges of communication with others across departments and divisions.
  • Adapts to change by being positive and open-minded.
  • Anticipates the needs of others and finds answers and solutions.
  • Produces results that make a significant contribution to the department or College.