Emerson College believes appreciation and recognition are integral to creating and nurturing an environment where people want to go to work and do their best work every day. Every one of us, in every role and position, should play a part in honoring and celebrating each other for work well done.

To enhance a culture of appreciation and recognition, Emerson College launched the staff recognition program in July 2017.

Recognition Programs

Thank You Notes

Saying "thank you" is a powerful form of appreciation. The Thank You Note is an electronic form of recognition that any Emerson employee can send to a staff member to say thank you for a job well done. A copy of the Thank You Note will also be sent to the recipient's supervisor or manager.

Emerson Award of Excellence

 Monetary awards for staff members or teams across the College awarded each month based on excellence in their work. Nominations will be submitted online to the Appreciation and Recognition Committee who will select 1–2 recipients per month.

Divisional Appreciation and Recognition Program

Each vice president will receive funds to use toward a Divisional Appreciation and Recognition Program for their staff. The funds will be distributed based on the number of staff members in the division. We encourage vice presidents to use these funds to supplement any events or programs their division already has in place to show appreciation and recognition of staff members.

Much like the students who attend Emerson, our staff and faculty are creative, driven, and highly motivated. And like our students, we are all busy, working on many projects, new initiatives, and programs all year round. These awards and resources represent just a slice of the ways we can say “thank you” to each other.

Guiding Principles of Appreciation and Recognition at Emerson

  • A robust culture of appreciation and recognition drives engagement, creativity, and productivity.
  • Individual and team performance are crucial to success and both should be recognized.
  • Excellence at Emerson is grounded in the values of Inclusive and Service Excellence.
  • Creating and nurturing a culture of appreciation and recognition involves everyone: staff, faculty, and students.
  • Appreciation and recognition can come in many forms.
  • Individual motivation is specific and unique to each person, and appreciation and recognition should take this into account (that is: one size does not fit all).

Emerson’s Values for Inclusive and Service Excellence

Values guide the behaviors of individuals in a professional setting. At Emerson, Inclusive and Service Excellence are the primary values that guide the behavior and work of staff and faculty. These values set the foundation for success at Emerson; they both reflect and develop the culture of the Emerson community. 

Inclusive Excellence

Increases effectiveness in all interactions, recognizing that personal perspectives and assumptions can impact interactions with others, conscious or unconsciously. Seeks out and learns from different viewpoints, values, and communication styles as a way to enhance access to Emerson and success for students, faculty, and staff. Includes a wide range of opinions and suggestions in decision-making and policy formulation.

Service Excellence

Works to have a positive impact on the Emerson, local, and global community through actions at work. Strives to build a positive relationship between Emerson and its community members in every interaction. Seeks to improve Emerson’s capacity to meet the needs of community members through creative and innovative solutions to changing needs.