Global & Post-Colonial Studies Minor 

The most effective artists and communicators are those whose knowledge is broad and multifaceted. At Emerson, the liberal arts provide the stage that supports our performers, the lens through which our artists view the world, and a medium that students use to express their vision. The Global and Post-Colonial Studies minor aims to provide students with an understanding of our increasingly complex, globalized world. Through the lens of literature, the arts, history, politics, and culture, students will be introduced to key concepts in global and postcolonial studies. Through an awareness of marginal knowledge systems and neglected histories, students will critically engage the global in their lives.

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Environmental Studies Minor 

This interdisciplinary minor examines environmental processes, challenges, and solutions from a variety of perspectives, including science, policy, economics, history, ethics, media, literature, and the arts.  Students will explore the relationships between people and the environment, focusing in particular on the sustainable use of natural resources and the causes, consequences, and communication of the complex environmental problems faced by human societies, including air and water pollution, habitat loss and restoration, and climate change.

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For more information, please contact the Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies.